Added current power consumption in watts to my topbar and I keep opening and closing tabs/applications to see what it draws.

Almost doubles my draw to open twitter and scroll than it takes to open mastodon and scroll.

@cassidyjames the github oauth login to request early access is asking for a little too much access IMO. For Example not sure Elementary needs access to every organization and company I'm involved in.

If you change the github scope for roles, probably to user:read user:email to limit the scope of what you're requesting

Built a diy Sauna for under a hundred bucks. There is a startup with nearly exactly this setup that charges thousands.

Put together a small pomodoro/apple music app. Plays your playlist while you work. All front end elm, localstorage for state.

Fits in a nice case. Traveling with my apple trackpad because I’m addicted to nice gestures.

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Been working on my bike lately to get away from the laptop for a bit. List of changes from original 8year old PureFix.
- Front-hub ebike kit/getting a new tire for that. Battery/controller is hidden in saddle bag.
- Replaced front crank with 48t
- 3speed rear hub, base gear is 14t.

Learned a ton and had fun doing it. Next update is probably to re-lace that front hub into a matching rim.


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