I know I don’t have the space to grow this bean in earnest. But I am stuck on believing that I should try.

Stayed up too late watching old soviet cosmonaut interviews and videos of alternative styles of motherboards and chips from IBM.


Was not having a computer day so I called it quits and put together a wood pile.

Today I soldered half the diodes on my work keyboard (trying to create a remote culture thing). And fixed three door knobs.

Neighbors gave us two apple trees. Uncertain the variety but couldn’t say no. This is the first transplant.

Its absolutely insane that the harmonic series(1+ 1/2 +1/3 …1/n) is basically the same game I was playing with my toddler and his leggos building stairs to forever.

Trellis for indeterminate tomatoes and beans in. Plants planted.

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And because its going to rain tomorrow the final box. Next will be a trellis.

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My little fermi estimator in phoenix liveview is coming together. I moved it to a canvas/node format after much back and forth. Next up gotta get the editor and results looking acceptable.

I've been using github.com/rxhanson/Rectangle Rectangle on my mac lately as a small tiling window manager but I'm really finding useful is "Todo mode".

I keep my daily Journal page up there on the right all day in my main Workspace as a reminder.

I will likely bring this over to i3 configs in the future.

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