@s_ol yea thats fair. I enjoyed the talk, love anyone who pushes smalltalk or lisp.

In the future our applications will simply be running as sqlite extensions. You will physically copy your entire database+sqlite executable between machines as one file.

@s_ol also I'm probably too old and grumpy but I'm sick of Xerox and jobs in these talks. Just like, enough.

@s_ol pretty good. I don't know what his conclusions are other than "lets make something new, but like for fun and use smalltalk or lisp" which fair enough.

@neauoire Once a company reaches a certain size they never die, they just fade into the background or evolve into something unrecognizable.

@neauoire @s_ol the videos are webm vp9 which not all browsers support yet. Or something with the video is misconfigured not sure.

@flip for me the work of trying to be random is enough to trick my brain into getting bored. If I get too much into a theme my brain decides to build a narrative and suddenly I am daydreaming.

Sleep trick I learned from tiktok:
- close eyes
- mentally say random words, as random as you can muster

it somehow works.

eink.link List of websites that are simple enough to work well on e-ink readers. Or you know just good websites.

At least the US is putting covid shots in arms at a rapid pace. Lots of suddenly available spots near me is as hopeful as I've felt in a while.

Find your community. Everything else will work out.

I don't know how many hundreds of dollars I'd pay for a linux distrro with the macOS audio/bluetooth stack.

@drisc @glyph same problem, the closer something is to your eye the higher resolution it needs to be to avoid being distracted, it also needs to have a higher refresh rate. VR headsets are closest right now. AR is finding applications in industry but not going to be programming with this for a bit.

@glyph some work on this with VR but to get good resolution that close to the eyes is hard.

@ndpi my current plan is to be patient and eventually e-ink refresh rates will be good enough.

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