40F here and I am sitting outside comfortably. I guess I have covid to thank for shaking me into finding ways to enjoy the colder weather.

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As much as I wanna remove combustion from the everyday human experience, its extremely contemplative to sit in front of a warm wood burning fire.

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Tonight’s thoughts brought to you by the smokeless firepit.

And it needs to be cost competitive, someone making not much more than minimum wage or even the wealthiest bro is often going to choose to replace their furnace with the lowest bidder.

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And small companies are attempting it but gouging on price. If we want to zero emissions, in the northern hemisphere, we need to do geothermal.

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And the ground just a couple hundred feet below our feet everywhere is a constant 70F. And a heatpump is several hundred percent efficient at moving that temperature to inside your home. Feels like a no brainer.

And many of us have ground water thats also a constant 70F and very near the surface. Which means we can move heat or cold into that for free. Like i don’t know feels like a huge opportunity.

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Because I am pretty sure there is no super good reason other than “its new and early adopers pay extra”.

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I need to figure out why a 150ft water well drill hole is half the price of a 250ft heat pump geothermal well.

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Something I've been wanting to do for a while, growing soy upside down in the boat.

@jakeisnt @neauoire lots of signaling. Which is a real shame. In rural areas its mostly older trucks that have been lifted/made more dangerous.

Not sure I know how we get out of this quagmire tbh.

I’ve spent so little time “out of my house” this year that spending four nights at my inlaws (whom are in my bubble) has me completely exhausted.

@raelzero @rek @kor @neauoire cruise ships are an abomination on so many levels. 😑

@rek @raelzero @kor @neauoire there is hope though! Most of the fleets have cut speeds to reduce emissions significantly. Some experiments with various sail augmentations. Some retrofitting experiments with hydrogen. Some nuclear experiments. Real Engineering did a good summary. m.youtube.com/watch?v=WWiX2edc

@rek @raelzero @kor @neauoire its wild the arms races for this. Some ports won’t let you dock if you don’t meet some restrictions. So some ships bring separate tanks of diesel just to meet port restrictions as they approach.

@jakeisnt @neauoire and I grew up in Rural areas and worked on farms. I drove a two wheel drive geo metro for most of my life.

In feet of snow. Even the furthest out there areas are gravel paved and fairly quickly plowed/salted. And very few even take their trucks off the road when muddy. I’ve been apart of dozens of “help that idiot friend get out of mud” trips.

@jakeisnt @neauoire its not really clear but something like 80% of all Americans live in Metros or suburbs. As a result most of the conservative vote comes from suburbs.

Yes most of the burbs are hideous car only designs. They buy trucks as a status signal and rarely use them for work.

For example in MKE we used to have electric trains and streetcars covering the entire urban and suburban environment, with a far lower population.

@neauoire sometimes I want to pack it in and move to the country.

Then I spend two days at my inlaws and see so many of these trucks and its louder because of the trucks than my urban home. The entire rural town is like 10miles wide. You could bike everywhere if they invested 1/100th they do for roads into bike trails.

If I wanted to escape this I would need to go deep into the woods and then I would need... a truck.

@neauoire and its somehow becoming another partisian split in the us. Conservatives are buying absolutely unnecessary and dangerous diesel trucks. Then disabling the catalytic converters so they can “roll coal” and then lifting them up.

Even without those afermarket changes the base engine compartment is at head level. So as a result pedestrian deaths the last few years are growing again. 😑

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