@sir it’s going to be a flash point either way it goes. We’re stuck because covid has closed the borders. Best we can do is give money to every senate campaign. And call your senators about the McConnell rule.

there is some good C O N T E N T happening on tiktok

@rek we just canned/froze out last tomatoes. Putting a dehydrator on the list for next fall.

I wanna get that uboot as bios spi flasher working well. Would be nice to have the laptop feel like a laptop instead of an embedded devices posing as a laptop.

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Vacation next week. May not bring any computer at all.

Or would bring the pbp and mbp to get the pbp working as a project.


@paul I dig it. I had a standing+fatigue matt situation that I liked but my wife is using it now.

I have always appreciated a winter kotatsu but I am very worried about the long term effects on my body and working.

Maybe voltaire just wants us to get off twitter and reddit.

On one hand I very much agree that happiness lies in the garden, on the other hand not participating in your community often leads to worse outcomes that will end with your garden in flames.

Can someone talk to Voltaire about the long tail risks?


@paul how do you do the computer setup without hunching?

@xj9 big fan of elm. I got to work in one of the largest 100% elm in production apps and it was nice, but I would not want to be the person who wrote all the code to make it possible. (a lot of boilerplate). So now I'm all for small elm projects.

@aphyr jesus I am constantly in awe of how good at this and everything you appear to be.

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"Ah, er, yes.” Martín is trying to break some unfortunate news as gently as possible. “The point of these questions is… for you to write the program yourself, rather than using someone else’s code.”

You shift, surprised. “People haven’t seemed to like that so far.”

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