I really appreciate old school SAAS.

Syncing between your phone and laptop/desktop is still not a very solved problem yet without a middlelayer.

A week or two into using HEY, and its remarkable, how quiet and simple it is to use. I check my email, mark my screeners and sort into feed, paper trail. It takes a few minutes a day and I would LOVE this for my business email.

Its in the background, its not spying on me and it just works. It's also not vying for my attention.

Couple nights in a row of bad sleep and considering just calling a week.

@sir everything that comes from bellard ends up having interesting second order effects.

Looking for more book recommendations! Anything that is good. Don’t care if its deep or smart or even great. If you enjoyed reading it send it over.

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curious thing how capitalism can't handle a crisis that literally requires societal cooperation which isn't profitable. Who would have thought?

@electret @cblgh seconded. Sending enormous amounts of data online in a real time fashion is still a very hard problem.

@sir i don’t know how browsers don’t ship with a simple rss feed reader. Feels like if we were smart we could have avoided much of the ills of social media.

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The use of RSS buttons which lead you directly to the RSS feed in your web browser is one of the greatest crimes ever committed on the web

@aphyr this weekend the only social media I am allowing myself is mastadon. All other doom scrolling sites are blocked. It’s a small step I know and here I am tooting. But I’ve already finished a book this morning!

@aphyr I am also struggling with this. And my conclusion is to make a serious effort to unplug. You can safely go the next 2-12 months without reading any news or following any disaster. Covid will still be raging. Trump will still be terrible and nothing is going to change my vote in November. Police reform is happening but not in online time scales.

It is fatalistic and or waldenesque but I am definitely recognizing some PTSD symptoms in myself and I am not sure the computer is gonna help.

@unixsmurf @clacke in manufacturing you can’t depend on a sole proprietor doing it as a hobby in the garage to supply a widget for you. But you can in software.

@unixsmurf @clacke imo its more a classical way of operating a business than any true logical reason. Ie when you build a factory you have suppliers and you want them to be around because in the manufacturing model if the humans at the supplier go away so does the supply. So you look for someone you can pay.

Economics of software are slightly different.

@Crocmagnon @aral Usually you can talk. I know they use wasm so if your browser doesn't support that it might break. Or if you block webrtc you might have trouble.

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