@grey @neauoire @rek i don’t know if just me or what but does pickling eggplant help reduce the ahh gas that is normally caused by eating eggplant cooked?

Now well into “oh no more tomatoes” territory. Making sauces now and freezing, as well as dumping them on anyone who will take them. Probably going to give drying them another go this week.

@eejum could be we turned it off before it got real dark. 🤔 overall trying to not sugar coat reality too much for my kid.

I only watched Bambi when I was fairly young but I also recall most of the other Disney movies.

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It is wild how much of Bambi I just straight blocked out. The dogs, the careless hunters, the fire. I remembered the nice animals and forest Bambi’s mom dying but rewatching it with my kid it was very surprising.

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@peregrine never thought of how decimals are represented in binary until Numerical Analysis in uni.. then went back to never thinking of it again🙃

Something about implementing math functions that is truly a black art.

Reminder: the web and browsers are essentially legacy systems. There are so many requirements “baked in” to the major 3 browsers that are not specified but developed against daily and effectively standard. Many many many of the “baked in requirements” are bugs.

@khm love a good developer report. Its this kinda shit that makes me laugh at agile processes and pms who try to plan around a legacy system. You can not.

@meena usually they make several orders of magnitude more than the cost of the cloud, or have more capital then they can spend.

Obviously its just money left on the table but until developers get easier to hire to maintain non-cloud systems the trend will likely continue.

I know I don’t have the space to grow this bean in earnest. But I am stuck on believing that I should try.

Worst gift I ever received was a promise that couldn’t be kept.

Doc says next kid is coming sooner than due date and that means I will either suddenly work on more side projects or go completely dark.

@thomasfuchs you gotta be getting close to the point of having your own youtube channel discussing these.

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It’s a nice feeling to notice how you’ve changed over the years, how you’re not stuck in one frame of mind, one ideology, one passion...
There’s a few things I’ve noticed in myself, but a big one that I’m excited about furthering is the progressive switch from individual freedom and action towards more communal freedoms and actions.
It applies to many aspects of our lives, but it’s a notably interesting distinction in the #FLOSS space: people can be proponents of it for very conflicting reasons.

Notes for future Jason: Remove seeds/slimey stuff. Slice against the membranes not with.

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