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Couple nights in a row of bad sleep and considering just calling a week.

Looking for more book recommendations! Anything that is good. Don’t care if its deep or smart or even great. If you enjoyed reading it send it over.

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curious thing how capitalism can't handle a crisis that literally requires societal cooperation which isn't profitable. Who would have thought?

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The use of RSS buttons which lead you directly to the RSS feed in your web browser is one of the greatest crimes ever committed on the web

Either I have PTSD and am unable to accept that relatively, for me, things have started to settle. Or there is an energy about everything that says we are teetering on the edge of something worse.

If you are government spying worried than probably don’t use email.

Thanks to multiple very generous humble bundles I have tons of games I don't need. If you are in a tough spot and need of some video game distractions lemme know. I can send steam keys.

Trying to keep a mental list of stuff the folks on Pino are missing right now.

Also I don't recall who recommended Plow Over the Bones of the Dead but I am enjoying it thus far.

Also it is wild that the vast majority of my code from 2010 would still run today and most of my memory would still work.

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Enjoying clojurescript more than I thought I would. Turns out STM is pretty OK.

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Would be much cheaper as well if you had space mining/refining but if you can get LEO costs down low enough anything is very possible.

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TBH Mars is not that interesting of a place to live. Have all the problems of the Moon while also being much further away.

Better to start working on LEO rotating space hab with artificial gravity because human's dont' work outside of 1g.

Sometimes I imagine a world where the blockchain is released as an academic paper instead of a currency. Maybe we would have actual useful tools we could build with it.

It is going to take a generation or more before I am able to take it seriously again, if at all.

The full 55gallon rain barrel fills up from every rain storm. So far it is exceeding my expectations.

I need to take a break from social media.

Recently discovered epub.js via @aadil and wouldn't ya know one of the main authors is at google, the other working on crypto.

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The number of really good OSS projects and developers that where/are distracted in 2016ish by crypto is extremely sad.

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