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Look if you publicly threaten to sue a conference if they back out on you the entire conference world is going to steer clear of you.

Risk management is nearly the entire game of hosting conferences.

Also picked up some old cross country skis from the inlaws. Winter is going to be brutal but working on making it better now before everyone goes nuts.

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Ended up buying one of them rocket stoves camp fires. Really hoping this makes as little smoke as advertised to avoid harming my neighbors.

Goal is to have an occasional outdoor fall, winter, spring activity. Also thinking I could do a wok on this.

I always end up back in vim. Or vscode if im in some insane huge react code base.

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Emacs is pretty neat. Every few years I decide to give it a shot and try to maybe move my “working life” into it. I’ve got Doom Emacs setup and its going ok. Might try out some email.

Took a nap and did not wake up feeling terrible! Looking forward to seeing the sun tomorrow.

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@peregrine Sadly he seems to have just stepped down from maintaining it - - but what an epic contribution!

The guy who maintains Helm, an important package in Emacs, is a 57-year old alpine mountain guide who learned to program when he was 42, as a hobby.

Ted Lasso is plain and simple humanist tv.

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I am aware that I have some degree of following in places which tolerate softcore bigotry (by which I mean the normalization of "harmless" bigoted in-jokes and satire), and that many of those places sometimes think of me as one of their own, someone who "gets it".

I want to re-iterate that I don't find those communities and those behaviors acceptable, and I think they often represent the first in a series of dominos which can develop people into really hateful ideologies and tragic behaviors.

Don't forget that I am a staunch leftist, anti-capitalist, and devout participant in free and open software and culture. Think critically about what that actually represents before using me to reinforce the cognative biases of your in-group.

If that gives you pause, you might want to critically re-evaluate the values that your community is exposing you to, and consider if you should be being exposed to something healthier.

Thanks. I'm always here to listen to you in my DMs.

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Vim: avoid plugins. Don't turn it into an IDE. Unix is your IDE and Vim is your editor.

Of my plugins, the only ones which don't add more language support are:

Fugitive, exclusively for :Gblame




hilinktrace, which helps with designing/modifying color schemes

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We’re either reaching the crescendo or we’re speeding down it. There is no smooth or in between state, not at least for a decade or so.

Capitalism and Puritanism go hand in hand. If someone describes themselves as capitalist almost without fail they will be more puritan than anything.

I wonder how much value apple going to reap from the raspberrypi/android/samsung world getting all the dev tooling working on arm.

leveling up involves expanding your lexicon and growing your stack size. Half dreaming Jason did not figure out how to make this fun though, and less like work.

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I really liked the idea behind the game HACKMUD but very quickly the gameplay became stale or someone had already created basically a std lib that made solving problems trivial. You could ignore it but some of it was helpful.

Had a dream last night about a forth-style game where there is a global lexicon, a local lexicon and your lexicon. The player has limited stack size. If you interact with others players you give up pieces of your stack to do it.

Everyone has competency somewhere or somplace.

MUDS are great though any machine can connect and use them. telnet ip:port and you're in. Only downside is you need an internet connection.

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I also got dev access and learned a little bit of a coding , but nobody super wanted to walk me, a teenager, through how this shit actually works. Well because they were mostly there to be horny. Not to play video games.

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