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the bluetooth hurts the most TBH. I have these nice wireless headphones that are awesome for pacing during my many meetings

I built pulseaudio from source, I grabbed proprietary drivers off a sketch website, I tweaked parameters. I futzed. For one glorious day I had it playing audio that didn't sound terrible, but no microphone.

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Fulltime linux user here for computers and not a week goes by without some:
- video system jank
- audio system jank
- power system jank

and I can't even use bluetooth anything because it just doesn't work (but works fine in Mac or Windows)

But printers, those work.

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Can whomever figured out printers on linux be put in charge of everything else?

TikTok is just so engrossing and hopeful. There is so much good happening. Looking forward to bandwidth and storage to come down enough for a fediverse version to go live.

Maybe giving up immediate mode was a mistake. I don’t know

I would listen to Bon Iver sing in his lower singing voice for an entire album.

The hardest part of learning computers is that there is usually a very good reason we do things the way we do. And equally or more so often there is not a good reason at all.

You either know way too much and thus know to not bother fixing it.

Or not enough to know that it could be a fools errand. 'battop' a command line utility to show you battery is being used.

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Every time linux connects to a network printer and just works I am amazed.

So whats a good DNS these days? Cloudflare is pretty unstable. I don't love giving google OR spectrum OR verizon all my dns traffic.

Welp I opened it up to clean it out and looks like it shorted at some point in the past. It still works but leaving this on without a built in fuse makes me nervous. Prices online for the replacement are roughly in line with a new one. 🙃

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Upcoming Work Availability Advertisement 

I have some consulting availability coming up here. I do phoenix/elixir/backend/web/computers.

I am a curious person and I will do my best to learn about your team and system to make an impact.

DMs are open.

Hades is a nicely designed rougelike. Fun meta game and story, fun combat system, easy to pick up and play.

I am nearly certain that tiktok’s “for you” algorithm is based purely on sex, age and political affiliation.

99% of my internet browsing is here on the phone these days. This will work well until a client is written.

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