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My tooting and side project work is inversely related to my stress level

RIAA back in the news. Just like I am in highschool or something.

Talking on discord about the twitch nonsense. I suggest maybe they use bitorrent or peer tube. Dude jumps all over me attacking me. Mod jumps in and tells it to cool down. I leave to do work.

Guy blocks/unblocks me and then dm's me so I don't get the notification in discord. So he finds me in irc?? to attack me further.

The world's a wild place. I look forward to him finding me elsewhere and letting me know that bitorrent swams are bad.

PopOS seems to be no go. Unless I want to reinstall windows. It demands a 500mb efi?? And I do not have room to resize or shift. Fun.

I'll almost certainly switch to sway/i3 at some point but I like my mouse and I have lots of screen real estate.

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I know I'll have to install gnome tweaks but IMO it's a failure of gnome every DE that makes me install it.

If its the first thing in every "customize <ubuntu|elementary|pop etc> to your liking!" tutorial like.. just include the couple of options in your settings panel.

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Alright I'll give popos a partition and good ole college try this afternoon.
nixOs a close second, Manjaro was a highly recommended 4th option though.

Changes I'm looking for since last try:
- ability to change cmd/ctrl defaults
- ability to remove some of the animations

Elementary does this but with many tweaks and annoyances. And I'm constantly told to "report the bugs" which links me to a new github issue.

Then later I get sub-tweeted from the devs about being too demanding that the stuff they ship, *checks notes* functions at all with a normal scenario.

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I should be clear this is my daily driver, needs to mostly just work once setup.

Also feel free to give me suggestions or comments or tips.

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Help me choose my next linux desktop setup.

Runs as a home server when I'm not using it. Currently using elementary and only marginally happy with it.

"To advance, we need new ways to limit ourselves."

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You reap what you code

"Ivan Illiches introduces the concept of an "oppressive" monopoly; if we look at societies that developed for foot traffic and cycling, you can generally use any means of transportation whatsoever and effectively manage to live and thrive there. Whether you live in a tent or a mansion, you can get around the same."

I know kiefer isn't vegan but it has helped me keep the gastrointestinal problems away.

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Occasional kiefer + protein + collagen + spirulina + green tea + potato start + creatine.

You know to keep my microbiome going strong.

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When left to my own devices I am fully vegan. But like a super lazy version where all of my meals are peanut butter + bread based.

Every slack channel grow's until it encompasses the entire company.

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