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I don't know of a nice way to tell this potential client that they got totally screwed by the previous developers.

Accountants telling my tax liability is now 3x higher than last year when *nothing* has changed about my situation.

I love it.

"We are here on earth to fart around and don't let anyone tell you any different."

"If this isn't nice I don't know what is."

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(I understand his point and agree with it but part of me worries he never saw what a computer could create.)

Overall a wonderful story before his (popular) lecture.

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"We are here to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is."

*accidental prediction of Trump presidency*

"I am both a luddite and a humanist."

"I hate computers for kids too. They cheat kids out of the vital experience of becoming. Instead of becoming the kid learns how to make the computer become what they could have become without one. The computer can do the same thing with a grownup."

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also not quite old enough to find them at second hand shops yet.

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but the electric pressure cookers are probably better than either of these due to 1) being heavily insulated by default, 2) once the pot is up to pressure it requires less heat totally 3) less time and less ways to mess it up.

though its not in the low-tech area.

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I see tons of posts on "how to save money and cook good food easy" where it's just toss shit into a slow cooker. Could just as easily boil food and dump into slow cooker.

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TBF thats not the point of the magazine :P but I feel like much of what they discuss and post COULD be very easily made into actionable stuff everyone could do.

Another example is the thermos-pot which is essentially just a slow cooker that doesn't require electricity.

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The lowtech post about wearing warmer clothing but people seem to miss the point.

Most people do not think about heat and it's impact. They want to be comfortable.

My merino wool base layer is *hands down* the most comfy thing I own. And it doesn't smell and it doesn't get cold if I sweat. And it doesn't really weigh anything.

I wear it under all of my normal clothes every day from late fall to late spring. And I am comfy as hell.

Paul Graham is the perfect case for “money doesn’t buy happiness”.

Guy has all the money and connections to do *literally anything* he wants but instead he chooses to argue on the internet.

Potty Training 

Day 0.5: one minor leak otherwise going great.

Damn “Wolfwalkers” is fucking gorgeous.

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