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If/when it dies I'll probably look into thermos cookers but for now this is fine.

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My time/mental space is going to become extremely constrained soon and the first thing that came to mind, was that I need to start planning more bulky meals in the pressure cooker.

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The electric pressure cooker is by far the most used appliance I own.

In terms of efficiency it is hard to beat a heavily insulated, pressure vessel, kept only at the minimum temperature required to cook.

@neauoire @rek bought some seeds online once so now I get this seed catalog every year. Thought you might appreciate this page.

Cut out the algorithm based social networks. Overall improved my day to day not having that in my life.

Fixed a leaky faucet so I got that going for me.

You might be wondering when we might reach heard immunity for covid-19 or when you might be able to get a vaccine in the us.

It might help you get a better sense of the light at the end of this tunnel like it did for me. So I made a thing.

Losing our childcare next week. Now get to choose between poorly managed daycare. Or moving in with my inlaws back home. Or working late nights everyday and watching the kid.


Now that a democrat is president we get to return the the age old tradition of leftists joining the fascists in mischaracterizing and straw manning everything the dems do. Check twitter and see the usual complainers saying nothing is enough or any improvement is actually bad.

It is *really* hard to find good appliances anymore.

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Microwave died and instead of replacing it we’re just living without it for a bit. Some things are harder and slower. But the adjustment is fine. Maybe we replace the microwave with just a hood.

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The dollar is suddenly worth 0, all the stores are boarded up.

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Got my stateful graph-based fermi/montecarlo calculator working. And I cleaned up my interface. Need to tidy it up a bit more and fix some of the graphing before shipping.

Thanks to my power company improving the website I was able to calculate that I currently am in the 2700 watt society.

If I made my heating more efficient, and reduced my food energy usage I could get below 2k.

Though some of these energy estimates are fairly dubious.

There is something about simulation games similar to rimworld/factorio/DF that really appeals to me. Like a garden but in game form.

Looking forward to seeing how this snow melts into my foundation.

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Welp just burned a cool 790 calories shoveling the foot of snow in my yard.

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