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Just so tired of the show. Everyone posts angry social media posts. Argues back and forth in circles taking the hard line. Never contacting their representatives and organizing. Complaining feels better I suppose.

Remove one huge task you've been procrastinating on and the next day you finish up the 30 other tasks you were avoiding because you needed to finish the big one first.

Also bonus once initiated it will be more network efficient than a straight HTTP download.

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Public Reminder: BitTorrent is great for more than just piracy. If your connection is unreliable and you need anything largish downloaded look for a magnet link, the protocol is built for this.

stupid task I procrastinated on and hated is done.

Shuttle and NASA in particular had the opposite problem, once a design was locked they could deliver, but iteration was nearly impossible without a major failure driving it.

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Blows my mind that most of the current Russian space technology uses the original base designs from the 1960s. And much of the same tech, with tweaks from iteration.

It would be like if the US was flying a slightly iterated version of Apollo for the last 50 years. Von Braun in every design! TBF we'd probably be better off than the shuttle diversion, but impossible to know really!

It is wild how much of the original chips, mainframes and circuit boards were done by hand.

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Stayed up too late watching old soviet cosmonaut interviews and videos of alternative styles of motherboards and chips from IBM.

burnout would be much easier to deal with if I could stop being sick for just one moment.

I am not sure we’re prepared for the number of tomatoes we’re about to have. Might need to dedicate one of the tomato boxes to just cucumbers next year.

I got an automated blind thats solar powered with a battery and now I am wondering how I can setup similar for all lighting.

got not-covid upper respiratory infection. Really ready for another MRNA miracle or three on the cold/flu front.

Wisconsin has pretty strange geography and weather patterns. It is unheard of for every county to be under the same severe thunderstorm watch. But here we are.

only things I'm super motivated to do right now are bike, swim or play tennis. the computer is pretty far from my mind

Shoulda replaced my ac/furnace/fan sooner. Its running half as much and at least twice as comfortable in here. 🙃

If you haven't seen this, it's well worth it for the history lesson and AESTHETICS.

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UXN stuff reminds me of the classic Brett Victor talk about the future of programming. (2013, 1979)

To give you a sense of how broken my brain is, as I was reading about uxn devices all I could think about is how you could setup networking within those limitations.

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