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I just voluntarily subscribed to an email newsletter from a person I respect on a topic in which I'm interested.

What a strange feeling to actually experience what email newsletters are purportedly supposed to be.

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@pindola "Okay, stay with me here. Look up my facebook profile, now scroll down a bit until you see this post, now click on it."

Talking with a bank representative to ask a question about car rentals. He tells me to Google for some exact string in order to find a pdf online with the information that I want.

"It's the first result in Google".

Except in wasn't. Not by a long shot. Not even with Incognito Mode. He realizes he's mistaken.

Turns out it's the first result on duckduckgo. I have to explain to him what Duck Duck Go is.

I wonder if he'll tell his next customers to look up stuff on ddg instead of google?

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On a social media site yesterday:

"A page you liked, The Matrix, changed its name to The Matrix Resurrections."

What!? Those aren't equivalent! The latter movie hasn't even come out yet. I'm not going to "like" it if I haven't watched it.

That being said, I'm tempted to draw an analogy to real life and say that certain things we claim to like will evolve over time, to the point of being unrecognizable, and we won't necessarily get a warning like that. At least it's obvious with The Matrix.

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Many people who rant against selfie sticks don't even seem to understand *why* other people could possibly want to use them.

So, good luck having having political discussions, or general human empathy, if you can't understand why selfie-sticks users do their thing.

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Randomly decided to look at the Beksinski website today and found this piece titled Quarantine. One of my favorite artists. Also seems to be a bunch of things I've never seen on there before. Wish I could go to visit the museum in Poland.

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@neauoire @rek sigrid from 0309

"Social media is where mental energy is converted into pure electronic garbage with real CO2 impact."

Looking for solid open-source implementations of the "file explorer" abstraction for a web site.

I want something in Javascript that will read "directories" by REST API from my flask server. Those aren't real directories, but abstractions over a bunch of things like Joplin notes, Dropbox files, and stuff that the server can expose as though they were directories to browse.

Client says "what's in folder X?", server responds "these things" (I implement that), and the GUI displays them.


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I ordered some Raspberry Pis for a certain project. The next logical step in the project is clear to me, but I have to wait until I get the hardware before doing it.

Now, I could work on some of the future steps right now in the meantime, but there's something in me that revolts.

There is something so unnatural about doing things in a weird ordering. I think this applies more to complex tasks where I have loaded correct mental context for the next step, but not all the other subsequent steps.

@neauoire I think you might enjoy that surface-level discussion about how everything is broken in software/computers but doesn't need to be. I enjoyed the perspective of asking oneself what it would look like if one were in the middle of a civilization collapse.

It reminded me of a few of the points that you bring when talking about Z80s or lightweight web pages.

Preventing the Collapse of Civilization / Jonathan Blow (Thekla, Inc)

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In light of the youtube-dl DMCA thing, I feel like I suddenly need to hurry up and download a lot of my favorite content before my copy of youtube-dl becomes broken.

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