thinking about making a cyberdeck that runs plan9 🤔

been wanting to make a cyberdeck for a minute, and that really seems like a fun format, and i could just get a rpi to see if i vibe with that setup first

I got an email yesterday evening being like "i'll really email you tomorrow before the end of the day" so commence me refreshing email all day today

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I've got one portfolio page going trying to roughly emulate the style i was laying out on squarespace, a few things to sort out still, but it's getting there (not yet even a little optimized for mobile)

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please stop making video players that don't have volume controls please

meta? ig 

Maybe I'll use a separate account to follow more news/"discourse" type accounts on fedi, just try and keep those feeds separate

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meta? ig 

Since joining merveilles and being more active on fedi in general, Instagram has been a lot less appealing. I hadn't enjoyed Twitter for a while now, but Instagram was always a good target for doom scrolling, but for the last few weeks I've barely looked at it.

I think part of it is how much Bad News I get from insta, even when I just go to check a few people's updates. Part of me is like yes this is good, but part of me doesn't want to stick my head in the sand

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Another recent build I'm pretty pleased with! The first time straight soldering the switches in instead of using mill max or kailh hotswap sockets. After two years I've finally figured out my favorite sound and feel using an acrylic case.

Keyboard: KuroTheCrazy's 40rmie in a P3D Store cherry blossom acrylic invisibolt case
Keycaps: mintlodica's DSA Witch Girl
Switches: Everglide crystal violet tactiles


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A warning about deactivating your birdsite account 

Your Twitter handle can be registered by anyone 30 days after deactivation. If impersonation is in your threat model, lock your account and park it.

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HEY HEY FRENZ on! You may want to MOVE to a new instance, very soon.

Why? :sealion:

Mastodon is a bunch of islands that can talk to each other. The smaller and more spread out we are, the easier things are to moderate. Horizontal scaling FTW!

All of you who fled that one site 🐤 ended up at for likely a few reasons. It was obvious, it was big, and it's where you saw a bunch of folks going.

But it has a long history of being poorly moderated, which means a LOT of instances are silencing or blocking it. Which means you're on the big island that SEEMS like it's "where everyone is", but in fact, it's a giant island unto itself (momentarily trending toward turning into a post-bird-site echo chamber), and huge swaths of the Fediverse don't talk to it, or even see it.

If you want the quality of interaction (and moderation!) Mastodon is known for, move thy funky buns to a smaller instance of cool folks you enjoy. :blobcatrainbow:

#feditips #fediverse

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I wrote this guide to DMs on Mastodon last week (prob longer than it needed to be)

tl;dr: you should think of DMs as a courteous way of posting to other users directly b/c the convo is just of no value to anyone else & you don’t want to flood people’s feeds. It’s not a “privacy” thing. It’s a visibility thing.

Seemed like it went well, and it *sounded* like I could expect an offer next week? 🤞🤞🤞

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anyone have recs for instances that my queer not super techie friends can join? they want to be on mastodon and i just don't know where to point them other than like ... mastodon dot social

Have another interview at this company this afternoon, I feel like this would be the last one, so let's hope I don't frog up

Need to get better about remembering to add captions to images I add to posts. Just so not used to that being a feature at all

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By nicer I mean, the process will make more sense rather than literally just doing html for each new page?

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Hugo is neat so far, getting the site setup from the beginning feels a lot more like building a basic html+css website, but I think once I can just make my posts it will be a lot nicer.

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