We're getting many questions in regard to why we target old devices. Here are some of our thoughts on the matter.

What we are trying to do, is build inspiring software that might give people's old machines a second life, or a second look. To make possible this sort of recycling and reuse, we also maintain and archive documentation for these various systems.

A lot of the ideas explored back in the 70s and 80s should not be forgotten, or seen as lesser.

@neauoire hey! If you have time/interested (and your new awesome chops) in a Famisyn boot screen ? I'm using CHR-RAM carts so I can upload anything and or make things dynamic.

@neauoire if you do not have someone in mind for the carts, I know exactly the right people that can scale this. (not me)

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Triple-proofing Donsol, making sure it's bullet proof. We're thinking about making carts, and I won't be able to make hotfixes once those are out.

It has to be PERFECT.

Just fixed a weird edgecase that only happened when you died while changing room.

@neauoire Learning about the built in "sequencer" could make for a nice minimalistic music engine. I doubt you want to settle to use any existing tool anyway. Go hardcore!

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You love the Halt and Catch Fire intro music? Its in fact a remix of this track from Trentemøller youtube.com/watch?v=0yn8esRHug @neauoire @strstr

and here is my screen when I do some Commodore 64 ASM :)

It's crazy how fast the Nintendo runs. I'm not used to 60fps anymore.

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