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Web developer, music coding wanderer, my life is split between Italy and Russia. Generally shy about my projects, here to tan from your wonderful irradiation of creativity.

My first ever contribution on github, almost shed a tear of joy :')

Went yesterday to a new dentist for some routine stuff. Was obviously nervous. The doctor did the best thing ever: before starting the procedure, asked me for my fav music artist, and asked Alexa to play what I answered. Great move!

The official Docker guide suggests that in order to backup a volume I should spin up another container, just for that. So basically to copy/paste a folder, they want me to boot up ANOTHER Ubuntu container!? Fine that I'm russian, but all that Matrioshkas making me really confused..

Finnally switched away from gmail. Another little step from convenience towards mental freedom.

Apparently this is a popular one, but will post it anyway in case somebody missed it

Does anybody use any tool for software "blueprints"? I mean something like UML, but less granular. Please do not suggest Google Drawings :)

Was using vim bindings for basic editing inside VSCode. Now ditching VSC completely for a full Neovim dive. It's hard, but it has to be done.

The way to keep giant companies from sterilizing the Internet is to make their sites irrelevant. If all the cool stuff happens elsewhere, people will follow. We did this with AOL and Prodigy, and we can do it again.

For this to happen, it's vital that the web stay participatory. That means not just making sites small enough so the whole world can visit them, but small enough so that people can learn to build their own, by example.

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Let's take a look at the Apple page that explains iOS on the iPad Pro.

How big do you think this page is?

Would you believe that it's bigger than the entire memory capacity of the iconic iMac? (32 MB)
In fact, you could also fit the contents of the Space Shuttle Main Computer. Not just for one Shuttle, but the entire fleet (5 MB).
And you would still have room for a tricked out Macintosh SE... (5MB).
...and the collected works of Shakespeare... (5 MB)

The page is 51 megabytes big.

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The day has come... mistakenly did rm -rf ./* in my home folder. Backup folks, always backup. I learned the hard way.

hmm.. rings a bell, specially here.

‘Today, everyone is an auto-exploiting labourer in his or her own enterprise. People are now master and slave in one. ".." subjugating itself to internal limitations and self-constraints, which are taking the form of compulsive achievement and optimization.’

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