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Howdy I'm Drew. You can also call me proto. I am a nonbinary game development student who lives in the US northeast. I am a leftist but hate sectarianism. I love talking to people about their interests and my current interests include: generative art, architecture, experimental games, politics and philosophy, and cooking.

I've been on fedi for about 4-5 years under various accounts. This is where I will post my current projects, thoughts, etc. Hope to see ya around!

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After a bit of testing I think this is the sleep schedule I'm happiest with. Its a modified dual core system that lets me feel well rested with extra time at night when I'm most productive

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ℹ️ Need help for a Free/Libre driver:
→ You live around Seattle city, Washington State (Not D.C) in the USA
→ You own a #xppen Artist 24 Pro
Splendid! Can you lend your device to dev Kurikaesu? contact here:
(Few chances it happens, but let's try).

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Would you, or somebody you know on the Fediverse, be experienced in and interested in working on a explainer-style video with #Owncast? You know the type. High level, fun, animated, approachable, shareable. This is a paid project!

I'd rather work with somebody on the Fediverse than head over to freelancer websites.

Starting from scratch on this, so you'd help come up with ideas as well as execute on the video. If you could, please share with somebody you know who does this kind of work.

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One of the most damaging impacts of social media and the internet in general is that we've completely devalued the concepts of study and experience in nearly every topic and replaced them with a 30 second review of something read online and calling it "research" and "facts."

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The previous toot is for Bespoke Synth.
"Bespoke is a software modular synthesizer. It contains a bunch of modules, which you can connect together to create sounds."
(My previous experience with trying to use software such as this is that I like it in theory and never do in practice, so take it all with a grain of salt. I like to turn knobs and play on a physical keyboard, and even there I just dabble.)

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"Even if it didn't work, the fact that someone could have designed a vaccine, and contracted a company to manufacture that vaccine in June 2020 for under $5k is fucking profound — and that is what I felt people needed to know."

"At The Odin, we sell kits to teach people how to do hands-on molecular biology and genetic engineering in their homes. This is our mission: we believe everyone has a right to learn about and practice science.."

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Periodic reminder that if you're on, join a better instance, a lot of us have that whole domain silenced and if you want to talk to us we won't see it

Its been too long since I opened Godot... I need to change that after my CS midterm

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Push based notifications give platforms control. Pull based notifications (eg rss) give users control

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#^A Sustainable Internet for All - Branch

Branch is an online magazine written by and for people who dream of a sustainable and just internet. Read Issue 2.

Experimenting with a modified dual core sleep system for the next few weeks



Will let you know how it goes

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I did it! My game Toys On Fire is finally done (although I might update it of course) and released. You can get it for free on

There's also a paid option that gets you all the meshes and textures i made myself (for this game), and you can use them however you like!

App idea that is an icon pack generator using icons from places like awesome remix and allows you to customize the styling

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anyone have recommendations for good classical music? Especially interested in neoclassical stuff and lesser known stuff

if you ever need a fresh aesthetic to look at for inspiration look at evan collins' board (one of the people associated with CARI: consumer aesthetics research institute)

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Do you have a non-technical iPhone user in your circle of family or friends? Do you wish that one day they will use #XMPP to communicate with you?

We're still looking for more non-technical people to participate in usability studies of Snikket to help us identify areas for improvement. It will be a short online session with a UX researcher, you just need a computer and browser. No experience of Snikket is required. Last available slots are **tomorrow**!

More info at:

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