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if you do not have pronouns in your bio and a pfp when you follow me I will mute you.

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Going ahead and redoing my post since There's so many new people.

Heyo, im Drew aka protodrew aka proto aka your favorite mastodon account

Im a nonbinary programmer, game developer, artist, and multidisciplinary academic. I love learning and working on projects that make fun toys or allow for a more sustainable personal online experience outside of platform holders

I am explicitly socialist and extremely antifascist so if either of those are a problem feel free to unfollow


I think a lot of sci fi media is predicated on this idea of humanity being flawed and a large cultural shift in all favors of our life and culture is what would improve us. Like yeah I love space suits and fancy future clothing, but it all feels so divorced from.our humanity. I would love to make something thats just ordinary people in space and celebrating humans as we are now.

I haven't done a full illustration in a long time, and thought it would be fun to play around with a person in zero gravity

I haven’t done any sci fi furry stuff yet, so thought I’d give it a try

working on a site for 8fl. ive wanted to play around with a stark 80-character typewriter look interspersed with media for a while, and i kind of like it? might redo this way at some point?

People who think "Open Source is thriving, it's everywhere!" and are all optimistic about it are doing the same thing as the people with electric cars and solar panels on their McMansions thinking that we're on track to deal with the climate crisis.

The *real* solutions for a healthy sustainable FLO world are all still marginalized and struggling, and the capitalist #greenwashing and #openwashing serve mainly to delude people about the state of things.

When I did a refresh install of Pop!_OS it removed my user from the login screen. Do I have to add myself to a group to be back there or something? This is GNOME btw

so have you heard of this cool new thing called RSS? it’s like podcasts but for articles. you should check it out!

honestly completely lost with all this... Linux audio exhausts me and idk why pipewire just decided to stop working on a fresh install after 3 reboots

now systemctl --user enable pipewire.service doesn't throw an error but everything is still broken

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new update, trying to start pipewire w/

exec pipewire

throws the following errors

[W][00123.047037] mod.rt | [ module-rt.c: 297 translate_error()] RTKit error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs
[W][00123.047139] mod.rt | [ module-rt.c: 622 set_nice()] could not set nice-level to -11: Input/output error

qpwgraph just shows midi through port-0, none of my other devices. My whole system was working and then I did a reboot and now it does not

anyone know how to get pipewire to start? For some reason when I boot my pc it has no input or output devices, when trying to check the status of pipewire it is dead, but when I try to run it it says it is masked. using the unmask command does nothing

trying to get lucky with the mastodon algorithm (the code that arbitrarily chooses when my post to mastodon[.]social/inbox gets a 401 error)

I made some of the best tofu triangles ive ever made, the breading is just cornstarch with curry powder, and rather than drying them I just cut them while they were wet, put them in the starch and let it soak in while I heated the oil, and then dusted them again right before frying. made a delicious crispy double batter effect.

#cooking #food

the interviewer really liked my @drews-foods account, she demanded I send her the link when I get an email from here πŸ˜‚

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Holy shit I think I got the job! πŸŽ‰ They said theyll send me schedule info on tuesday. It's the nicest kitchen I've ever been in in my life and everyone was so nice!! I'm really hopeful

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