Are there any good sci fi books that have really good audiobooks? Or like a well edited podcast with auxiliary sound effects.

@protodrew I'm not sure if it's quite what you're looking for medium-wise, but for scifi-wise I really like ars Paradoxica!

It's about one Dr. Sally Grissom stumbling into timetravel technology & accidentally handing it to late-WWII/coldwar US military research. Not the best hands...


I'd strongly recommend all of them

On Audible:

Shards of Earth - Adrian Tchaikovsky
A Memory Called Empire - Arkady Martine
Empire Games - Charles Stross

@protodrew Hmm, not a book, but Wolf 359 does have transcripts and it's a very good audiodrama anyways so it's worth checking out. It has great acting and makes good use of sound effects too.

@protodrew if you are looking for interesting audio experiences I can recommend Project Hail Mary from Andy Weir. It's ok as a book, but the story has an interesting "audio based concept" which is uniquely presented in the audiobook.

@protodrew I'm enjoying Jefferson Mays's reading of The Expanse, but that's a big time investment. One thing to look at is the Audie Awards at . You can look at SF books that get nominated/win, and also at narrators and then search what else they've done for books you'd enjoy. Simon Vance is one of my favorites, and Michael Kramer is consistently good, and both read a lot. Phil Gigante is also excellent, but is personally problematic.

@protodrew i don’t know a lot with sound effects, but I’ve loved the Murderbot audiobooks and most of Becky Chambers’ books on audio.

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