Anyone have good peertube instance recommendations? Bonus points if they have a focus on game dev or tech, but arent techbro-y

@freedcreative @protodrew Thanks so much, glad you are enjoying TILvids! Thank you for your support and spreading the word!

@protodrew depending on the type of tech, might be good. its not really meant for tech as in i-spent-way-too-much-money-on-pc-parts-and-am-unboxing-and-plugging-them-in-on-camera though, or at least thats my impression

@sys64738 @protodrew
2nding, everything I've seen from them is pretty awesome and they're in the tech space.

@Jetengineweasel @avalon @sys64738 really like the suggestion, in fact I seem to have started setting up an account on there! But it doesn't have a verified email and for some reason it wont sent one. Gonna contact the admin via email

I'm on, but it's invite-only and I forget who on fedi I got the invite from...
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