Been thinking about all the inadequate general purpose computers in my life and how much I appreciate what a Kindle can't do. What other tasks would be better suited to a dedicated device?

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A calendar, of course, with nice looking weather, and a battery that lasts for months and no other notifications of any kind. I'm experimenting with a color e-ink display for this right now.

I'd like a kitchen computer -- mounted on the wall, with dedicated interfaces for timers, a built-in scale, thermometer probes, and recipe display. I really don't understand how this isn't a thing already.

@Korgy zaps go in the back, blinkies come out the front. if you don't like the blinkies feed it clickity-clacks until it mellows out

@pvh This probably was a thing at some point, then someone ruined it by adding Twitter to it.

@neauoire yes, definitely! I have a wacky idea for a super-low-powered zigbee powered e-ink display that other devices could send draw commands to. Canvas-over-Zigbee. Should be able to go months on a coin cell.

@pvh have you experimented with the 9P protocol much? It's designed to do that sort of thing :)

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