I haven't met anyone from merveilles yet, but I still miss you.

somebody took my echolot opacity.ru/echolot and cloned it instagram.com/p/BtyVORZnmve/ :(

Built myself the cable for connecting the AMP to the DAC

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@rutherford btw I appreciate the fact that you're a type designer. I found this discipline one of the coolest not only because of its origin, history, nature and essense (shaping the flow of words), but also because of the level of dedication, patience and craftsmanship it requires to achieve great results. Creating fonts and books is a climax point for any graphic designer. Good luck on your journey!

I'm telling you, Macromedia Fireworks will have it's dedicated cult sooner than everyone thought


Alias is a teachable “parasite” that is designed to give users more control over their smart assistants

I'd like to share a joy of obtaining a small headphone tube amp named Laconic HA-06 Lunchbox II.

This heavy yet tiny device was designed here in Odintsovo district near Moscow and was produced in a small runs ('till the mid 2010s I guess). It uses legacy soviet electron tubes 6Н3П and 6Н24П, which glows nicely and produces warm sound.

I've bought it second-hand from the seller located at Arkhangelsk, where it was previously driving his headphones in a long evenings.

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