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Hi there!

I've been on the fediverse since 2018, but recently moved into, so I guess it's time for a new !

I'm a developer from , the . I love , , @reproducible_builds, maintain a @notion and help organize @mch2021. I'm part of @hack42 and work on for Lightbend.

Looking forward to meeting all you creative people! Feel free to get in touch, both public and private.

OK, it's a little easier when you agree with that opinion on X, but in general I'm not a fan of this pattern ;)

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Here's my opinion on X, which is obviously superior to yours.

Now don't talk about X here!

(I don't *actually* play keys, I just use it to experiment/play with harmonies and such, which is why the obviously-not-ideal arrangement in the photo works for me ;) )

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Quite literally "dusted off" my KeyStation today. Wanted to use a app with an app together, so tried .

While I haven't dug into the technical trade-offs that must be there, this was super easy/convenient! Impressed so far!

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the fact that the ATX standard has 12V is really handy in that it makes it easy to replace the PC Speaker in your computer with a real actual car horn

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Rather minimalist ir-landscapes which might look good as wallpapers. Different hues and compositions. Have fun. #wallpaper #photography #infrared

StackOverflow got acquired.

That doesn't have to be bad, but should also be a reminder that centralized systems like that *can* be bought - and that may or may not be in the interest of the users/contributors...

Puzzle of the day:

'convert' () will honor the SVG "crispEdges" shape-rendering attribute to selectively turn off anti-aliasing \o/

Unless you have on the path /o\

If you have Inkscape on the path, it will use that for the conversion, and Inkscape doesn't honor the "crispEdges".


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We are looking for software developers!

If you live in or would like to relocate to Germany, it might be for you.

We do mostly JS w/ types and Java but also a lot of other things.

There's a lot of freedom and we don't suck.

You can write GPL code for a living!

boosts welcome!

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> Felienne provides a general framework for thinking about how we think and offers practical examples to help programmers better leverage the power of their brains.

What can we do to manage our cognitive load while solving problems? That's what it's all about.

She's very passionate, her research is very interesting and unique, she provides concrete tips, she's very Dutch and the interview is very good.…
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Eunoia, a collection of 500+ untranslatable words in 70 languages by I love the German ones so much because of the way German language works. And I admit that there are some French ones I've never heard in my life ^^

Using ?

If there are any devices in 'lsusb' where you know what they are, but the description is incomplete or missing, you can easily contribute them at

Same for 'lspci' and

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Nils, the author of programs like Patroneo and Agordejo has created a list of "worry-free" FOSS sampled instruments. The idea is to list resources granting maximum artist freedom and being 100% free from any possible legal trouble.
#Audio #LinuxAudio #FOSSaudio #MusicProduction

2018: saw a problem
2019: contributed a fix
2020: merged
2021: released

Happy, but also happy OSS turnaround is usually (much) quicker 😆

A quick way to see whether a PR has propagated to the various channels:

Very neat tool by @qyliss

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FB promises to defend you from the next Cambridge Analytica, but it threatens to sue academics who scrape its political ads to see whether it's really living up to its promises to fight paid political disinformation:

Apple has rolled out the most significant consumer privacy tech in decades, changing the defaults on Ios products so that if you don't give your explicit consent, no one is allowed to track you (surprise: no one gave consent!).


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I've put in some work, started my own instance(s), followed, unfollowed, moderated, failed and kept going.

no space or person or project is perfect, but I'm grateful to each and everyone who left kind words of appreciation, who made an effort to respond, helped, criticised with civility, sent hugs, to me or anyone in the world!

all we need is love (and intelligence. and revolution, and some fun).

peace, and happy birthday, fediverse.


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I found someone that's selling NFT art that's just the output from some generative code I wrote a few years ago. I would have had different feelings about this when I was younger, now I just can't find the energy to be bothered at all (other than posting this).

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Tip 'n' Tell shipping labels use a clever clear plastic design, some liquid and a bit of physics to record if a package has been tilted too far during shipping. There's other similar devices offered for shock and inertia. What other things might be sensed passively, without needing a battery?

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