@raboof I've been with them for the last year or so, they've been great. It supports FIDO hardware keys too.

@raboof how did you find the experience? i've been meaning to do this for a bit but i'm a bit nervous that something will comically break in the process.

@dogstar it was pretty painless for me!

I was already using my own domain, and:
* set up a catch-all for my domain on the fastmail side
* pointed my DNS to the fastmail servers (well-documented)
* tested mail actually arrived
* migrated all my old mails from gmail to fastmail (fastmail feature)

@raboof and that migration feature worked? ok, you've sold me :)

@dogstar seemed pretty complete to me, historical mail ended up in the correct folders.

I'm not entirely sure the read/unread status of emails in my inbox was correctly transferred (I tend to move things out of there pretty quickly).

The search function in the fastmail web UI is pretty good as well, though it's unfortunate it doesn't fit as many results on one page compared to GMail.

@raboof that last point should be fine, because i plan to use other mail clients anyway. thanks!

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