Advertisement: "pay now and enjoy 90-minute keynotes!"

Me: "hell no I don't want to add 90-minutes keynotes to my already overflowing backlog!"

There is already too much content, the problem is finding the good stuff. The popular recommendation engines (e.g. YouTube) are optimized to serve the interest of the platform, not you.

What are good discovery/filtering mechanisms, other than "word of mouth"?

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@raboof I wish I had a good answer for that. I rely on a fairly heavily curated feed and word of mouth. I stay the hell away from Youtube's recommendations; for the most part video really isn't what I'm looking for, with a few exceptions.

@hostilenode yeah - I definitely feel this need for non-video content as well.

I think video is really inefficient once you start actually interacting with material, but it can be nice to get inspired or to expose yourself to entirely new topics.

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