Software is like recipes.

Facebook etc is like McDonalds: the recipes are designed to be cheap to produce and addictive so you keep coming back, but not good for YOU.

Commercial software is like restaurants: it varies wildly, and your favourite popular restaurant may disappear unexpectedly.

Open source is like home-cooked meals: you can know exactly what's in there and share the recipes freely. Some recipes are hard to pull off, but some are actually more convenient than going out to eat.

@raboof but is not a lot of stuff Facebook is based on open source? the same with Google. android is open source. my mobile runs on crDroid.
my office computer is running on different linux distributions since Jan 1st 2001. and I am with you: it feels like home cooked!

@fadimat Sure: facebook relies on a lot of well-known recipes in their kitchen, but the meals they actually serve also contain a lot of secret sauce, and are assembled with the company's interests in mind, not so much yours (as long as they keep you coming back).

Ok, the analogy has to break down somewhere ;). What it mainly misses is that at least some open source software is actually pretty high-end and still easy :)

@raboof I understood your cooking recipe very well from your first post. Sure, the global players have some hidden treasures of spices in their fast food, especially where they process our data. But the fact is that the foundation of their success is based on open source. They know that too, because they give many tools back to the community.

@fadimat ah, I guess I didn't understand your initial reply then. I'm definitely aware of the contributions of the global players to the open source landscape, and didn't intend to suggest otherwise.

@raboof Well, to be fair open source recipes span a spectrum just like what passes for cooking at home. All the way from frozen microwave dinners to baking bread from scratch 😄 As you do more you have more oversight and control.

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