You'd think being a vector format, would be really easy to scale.

No free lunch though: for straight horizontal/vertical lines, they will either be anti-aliased or sharp depending on whether the edge happens to end up aligned with a pixel or not.

Once you see it, you see it even on a fancy-schmancy 15" 4K UHD screen...

So now, rather than just doing 'imagemagick convert', I'm considering scaling the SVG and doing a quick script to pull the straight lines to the nearest pixel first...

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@raboof searched for "pixel" in `convert` man page, see "-antialias remove pixel-aliasing" not sure if that could be what you want?(the name suggest the opposite than the description.)

Might be some other option/effect that might work?

@jasper close, but not quite: I would want to disable for those shapes, rather than enable it.

To make things worse, this image contains text shapes next to the box shapes. For those, I actually do want anti-aliasing.

After some more research, I found out this is actually possible! For the 'boxy' shapes, I can set the 'shape-rendering' to 'crispEdges' which has exactly the effect I was looking for.

@jasper (while mastodon, too, correctly converts the SVG to crisp edges in the PNG now, the browser then resizes the PNG and introduced blurry edges again :D )

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