Re: Your Privacy 

We care about your privacy.

Your privacy is delicious to us.

Your privacy is juicy-sweet and crunchy and wine-dark red and breathes a rich, savage musk-like scent, heavy on iron and with notes of truffle and mushroom and old, buried bones in the forest floor.

Your privacy dribbles gently down our lips as we chew, and after long, fragrant, eternities, swallow. Gulping, wolfing it down.

We would do ANYTHING to keep you handing us your precious, precious privacy.

Please click.


Re: Your Privacy 

@natecull right!

A while back one of the big tech companies ran an ad campaign with a tagline along the lines of "let us take care of your data".

Couldn't help reading that in an ominous Mafia-style tone :)

@raboof @natecull Windows 10 is sounding more and more like this, from what I can gather from screenshots on the web.
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