FLOSS accessibility (-) 

One of the great potential advantages of is that it can support special interest groups, such as the people needing particular features: when a proprietary vendor decides this group is not worth investing in, you are out of luck. With FLOSS, ideally, all it takes is one contributor who cares to implement those features.

It's sad we don't seem to live up to that promise - yet?


FLOSS accessibility (-) 

When I first got into FLOSS, over two decades ago, getting into programming and becoming a contributor was hard.

While much has changed, and some things have become easier, unfortunately some things have not and are still hard.

The naive solutions to that problem (which typically come down to "People Should Just Do As I Say") are just that, naive.

I'm not sure what direction the solution lies. I'm sure we should not stop trying, though.

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