PLDI is a conference where Very Serious Academics discuss the cutting edge of programming language design and implementation.

They have a theme song.

And it is SO GOOD on every level.

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@raboof "very serious person" is pretty much something i associate with people who dismiss things with as *entire* argument that "it's not realistic". (but i take from context that you don't mean that)

@jasper oh - indeed I just meant to highlight the contrast that academics are generally percieved to do serious work (which they do) to the evidence in this video that they are (thank god) not all serious all the time.

I wasn't aware of the Paul Krugman/Duncan Black 'VSP' meaning, that's indeed not what I meant.

@raboof hahaha I think academics have a "special" way of being silly!

It usually involves being kinda awkward and goofy in an adorable way - I approve!

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