Trying out a new shell,

Basically built around variants of the unix utilities, but this time not working with raw text but aware of lists/tables.

Of course not a new idea, but it might be hitting the sweet spot where it provides benefits without going overboard into "a programming language as a shell" territory. Let's see. for a "rosetta stone" overview of how to perform common operations.

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@raboof interesting, at least from a concept point of view. Though I don't like that all the commands seem to be monolithically built into the shell, rather than separate executables. To me that seems to take away a lot of the Unix philosophy and makes it much harder to implement even a fraction of the posix functionality.

@fedops I agree having everything as a builtin is a bit icky - it can be useful to have *some* builtins, but from I get the impression that it is actually impossible to have a non-builtin command that is aware of the richer data types - that seems like a shame. I might be wrong though, just getting started.

Then again, do we really need all those bells and whistles posix has accumulated over time? Sometimes a reset can be refreshing :)

@raboof yeah that's what I thought.

Well, you could always delete half of the /bin directory if you want to clean up. Or go to busybox directly. 😁

@fedops ah, a separate executable that understand the richer types is possible, but would be a 'plugin' (

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