Finally switched from the Android GMail app to @k9mail for my $DAYJOB gmail \o/

The final straw wasn't that the GMail app is evil, though it is: for example, clicking a link in an email goes via a Google server rather than directly to the target. This is hidden by the fact that when you long-press and *copy* the link, you get the 'real' target rather than the redirect.


The final straw was the GMail app notifications are simply awful: the notification for a 'reply' does not include the 'Re: ' part of the subject.

So when someone I like replies to an email with subject "Leaving the company", I get a small heart attack, because the notification is "[Jane Bloggs] Leaving the company", not "[Jane Bloggs] Re: Leaving the company". Big difference :D

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@raboof I wonder if so many people have decided email is trash and irrelevant today is because so many have gmail and gmail is a garbage email client. If I couldn't use Tbird at work, I think I'd go crazy.

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