Plotting a 'rate' of something rarely happening in is awkward: "the thing happened once!" is plotted as "the thing happened at a rate of 0.0179 times per second, observed for 60 seconds".

Like, yeah, that ~adds up, but doesn't _really_ help me understand what is going on.

Switching to bars in with the 'min step' at something (well) above 4x the scraping interval avoids this artifact. It might be a bit of a cop-out, but seems more readable to me.

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@raboof I usually like to add a single stat panel next to my time series graphs that counts each rise in a period of time relatively big to the period observed in the graph (e.g. for 1h shown in the tine-series I will choose 12h for the singke stat counter)
This often helps me to put into perspective what exactly I'm seeing in the time-series graph

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