Finally got myself a city bike helmet.

A very un- thing to do, but the reasonable choice :D

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Over here grown-ups hardly wear them too (near the Dutch border). Kids do wear them, mostly on their way to school

@raboof i havent worn a cycle helmet in ages (i have had a couple accidents and no head injuries so far in more than 5 years of rash driving)

@aryak I agree the risk is relatively low - I haven't had problems for 39 years - but still ;)

@raboof it just makes you sweat more. big issue when your normal temperature is 35-38 degrees C

@aryak I guess I'll find out :).

(there are vents on the top of the helmet, hardly visible in the picture, but indeed not as much as on sports helmets)

@raboof I'd love to go helmet-less but the drivers here are maniacs (UK)

@raboof that's the prettiest helmet I've ever seen 😍

@raboof Hell yeah, helmet gang, helmet gang!

I started wearing one after one too many close calls with head injuries. Now I don't leave without one.
And yes, if it gets hot, you might need one with vents. This seems to have roughly the same light absorption and venting capability as the skating helmet I normally wear and that thing get really hot in the summer.

Also mandatory PSA because I see so many people (well, mostly kids) mess this up: if you don't secure the strap, it won't protect u.

@raboof it's super alien to me that there are places where folks just don't where protective equipment

like it's a personal choice but also here everyone just does it and it has never really seemed like an outrageous imposition, similar to wearing a seat belt in a car or a mask for covid

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