I would like webpages to be accessible (in the sense).

In the past I've been on teams where we did automated webpage regression testing (using selenium.dev back then). API's for those always felt cumbersome and 'technical'.

This got me wondering: wouldn't it make sense to express UI tests in terms of how someone using assistive technology would experience the site? Then if a feature is hard to describe that way, that indicates it might need some more work/thought anyway.


Are there tools that do this? I saw github.com/AmadeusITGroup/Assi but that appears to still make you quite 'explicitly' test whether has been "successfully bolted on as an afterthought", rather than asking "how would this site work when primarily seen through the lens of assistive technology?".

Of course this won't be perfect: it will still miss real problems both for users using assistive technologies and for ones that don't - but that is inherent in frontend tests.

Curious about experiences!

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