@JigmeDatse Jup! Started with an already cylinder-shaped piece of wood, so that made it easier. Pretty happy!

@raboof I do think that having to get it so you can nicely shape it is a bit challenging. Especially if there is really *no* effort to get it to a decent shape like, if it is a square block, not even decently centred.

@JigmeDatse definitely! even in my near-ideal conditions just trying to center nicely is hard to get exactly right: the cylinder would still 'wobble' a bit (due to not being perfectly centered) and need some scraping to get it to a stable starting point.

@raboof I've really wanted to do this, but never managed to get my hands on a lathe. So I stick with doing it in stuff like Blender.

@raboof @Jigme Datse

From what I recall it is possible to use a square stick to start with but you will need a very sharp Chisel and only remove very thin slices. Our teacher told use to simply sand of the rough edges and move on from that point
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