Ready for another day of !

Ran out of rapid self tests? There are plenty at the info tent - come get some!

Spent some days in Dessau (de) and got a chance to wander around the main school building there.


Noel Fielding rocking that purple dress :D

Finally got myself a city bike helmet.

A very un- thing to do, but the reasonable choice :D

@somnius when viewing an individual toot, the 'paragraphs' don't have any margin between them (e.g. ).

Is that intentional? I think I've seen this in more hometown instances. If you agree it'd be better to have some margin I might find some time to look into that.

Plotting a 'rate' of something rarely happening in is awkward: "the thing happened once!" is plotted as "the thing happened at a rate of 0.0179 times per second, observed for 60 seconds".

Like, yeah, that ~adds up, but doesn't _really_ help me understand what is going on.

Switching to bars in with the 'min step' at something (well) above 4x the scraping interval avoids this artifact. It might be a bit of a cop-out, but seems more readable to me.

Still really pleased with this wooden mobius strip I did a while ago. I think I'll use it as my avatar for a while.

To make it 'fit Merveilles' I took the 3d model in , screenshotted, scaled down to 400x400px, changed to grayscale and then to 'mode->indexed' with 2 colors (with dithering), and tweaked the colormap to make the two colors proper white and proper black.

Less recognizably-mobius perhaps, but fun.

TIL Dutch on seems much more strict than abroad:

E.g. in the US, works first published before 1978 are now in the public domain.

In NL, the extension that changed the expiry to '70 years after the death of the maker' was applied retroactively.

Luckily, we have the rule that for foreign works, we follow the copyright rules of that foreign country.

So if Duchamp's "The Bicycle Wheel" would have been , I could not post this photo I took yesterday until 2038!

Took part of an IKEA STÖDSTORP and mounted it to hold little spice jars :)

I always pronounced @gitea as rhyming on 'Andrea' in my head... I guess I wasn't paying attention to the logo - or the tagline :D

The new home of @hack42 is slowly but surely taking shape, so I've been working on a small project in the woodshop: some convenient mini-tables inspired by Rietveld's crate side table. Still need finishing with some slightly pigmented wood-stain, but that's for another day.

User-hostile interface design by : putting the "privacy statement" together with the "send me spam" checkbox.

This would be downright illegal if it weren't for the "skip" button, and even now it's a borderline case.

death mention 

RIP Jerôme. You are a lasting inspiration, both in your music and in your life. Thank you.

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