@chemelia perhaps there is a hackerspace/makerspace near you, which might have a 3d printer for you to use but more importantly people with whom to learn together?

search engines 

@amiloradovsky being able to define and save custom ranking rules - and share them! - would be so nice! A quick look at suggested that this might actually not be that hard (famous last words...) but I haven't found time yet to really dig in.

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i've tagged out 600+ open source, experimental and tiny tools by their qualities and built a new website for sorting through them!

these are all tools towards joyful digital creation, with the goal of enabling working entirely outside of proprietary systems- moving instead from one hand-made software to another.

(the list takes submissions if it is missing yours >:))


@paul pretty cool!

(the app, of course, not the demands...)

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TIL There's a project called "Tsugite: Interactive Design and Fabrication of Wood Joints"

"To design and manually craft such joints is difficult and time consuming. Our system facilitates the creation of custom joints by a modeling interface combined with computer numerical control (CNC) fabrication."

Very much relevant to my interests



@arjen nice!

Is 'more thinking' the only defense we have to these kinds of problems?

In 'traditional' (non-ML) programming, (automated) testing helps because it's relatively easy to describe 'what you expect' and spot-check the implementation indeed seems to have those properties.

For ML this seems harder, since it often seems treated as a magic black box (with knobs).

I guess (with hindsight) you could try to verify generated random data doesn't have surprising patterns?

@loke I know, right? I love NixOS, and they seem to have a lot of the pieces in place, but they're not put together yet.

There's cool stuff happening in spectrum-os.org/ but I fear it's so ambitious it will be a while before it can be usable.

@float13 hate it when mine does that! It's ok-ish when you're still rolling but quite a workout at the very low speeds :D.

I *think* I figured out in what area the problem is though (by sheer luck...), still have to hunt it down further :)

@orionwl 😆

For @notion I changed the keybindings for splitting from 'h' and 'v' to 'I' and 'Shift-I' - and still get it wrong sometimes 😆

Sometimes I "bookmark" interesting posts on topics that I want to read up on more.

Confession: I have never yet viewed my list of saved bookmarks. Not once.

@withaveeay interesting! I'm actually exploring collection management workflows and systems right now. Definitely adding to my list, though it sounds like it is more targeted to archives where for example might be more suitable for a museum. To be honest I'm still learning what the practical differences are between the two though :)

@vivianrose sounds like someone's private choice of terminology rather than a widespread notion to me. Is this textbook in any way authorative?

@zens cool! Yeah, 10+ years is a long time in internet years, I guess ;)

I volunteer as 'IT person' for a museum in its early days, (eicas.nl - @EICAS).

I would love to connect with other "museum people" and "museum IT people", here and elsewhere.

Any boosts/recommendations welcome!

@dredmorbius maybe some of the corona apps? I know the Dutch one has was pretty happy about their open approach, even though they moved to a 'private first then push to github' model later. github.com/minvws/

@rysiek I watched it with my partner who is a bit of a movie/popculture buff, and got the impression that you get a lot more out of it when you understand all the references to real people/events that the movie is full of ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Once_Upo )

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