@brunoph we've seen chaos.social/@ConnyDuck/105904 on the Android side, so it's not entirely inconceivable. Sure, @Tusky was eventually restored, but still.

@nolan the lack of isolation between applications on a typical machine is also painful... but TBQH I don't see any particularly promising solutions to that on the horizon. Do you?

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FOSS criticism (-) 

This is perhaps due to a personality trait of mine: I like harmony. When there are clashing standpoints, I like it when they're "talked out" and "resolved". "Shit-talking" is evidence of a breakdown of communication.

Perhaps I should get more comfortable with the fact that people have widely different standpoints, and stop desiring them to be "resolved" when I have no chance of helping that happen.

That does not help the "other victims", though...

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FOSS criticism (-) 

Another aspect is that it is not just about me: if someone shit-talks FOSS, they shit-talk the countless people all over the world that dedicate part of their life, often from a genuine desire to improve the world without expecting anything in return.

They might be doing it wrong - but they largely don't deserve the harsh words, either.

The ones doing the shit-talking are probably *also* genuinely thinking they are improving the world, though...

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FOSS criticism (-) 

I guess part of it is that those criticisms call into question my deeply-held belief that FOSS can help further those hopes and dreams.

Now, it is quite obvious that it doesn't achieve all those goals all the time - but that was never the goal or expectation. If it just moves towards some of these goals some of the time that should be enough - and I do think that is somewhat obviously the case. So then why the emotional response?

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FOSS criticism (-) 

One solution is to just stop caring about those hopes and dreams, but I'd rather not :D

Just unfollowing anyone with such criticisms is useful for self-preservation purposes, but it seems there is something to learn here.

Responding directly seems like it wouldn't do anyone any good.

Quietly taking the abuse isn't working out either.

Sure, these are a privileged person's "problems". But they're mine.

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FOSS criticism (-) 

I notice I can get pretty upset when people shit-talk FOSS - like actually lose sleep over it.

I find it hard to put my finger on exactly why, which I guess is part of the reason in itself :D

I think it happens especially when the criticism is around the fundamental hopes and dreams I have for the world: diversity, accessibility, autonomy, independence, openness, all that good stuff.

(sparked by a thread that I lost by unfollowing someone, but anyway it's not a direct reply)

@jpmens "help us out and in exchange you can advertise for us as well!"

(ok, actually I wear 'tech' shirts a lot myself, but thinking it's a "compensation" for anything is wild...)

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"[PagerDuty Low-Urgency ALERT] You have 1 TRIGGERED Incident"

Mixed signals.

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RT @timjclevenger
RETRO COMMUNITY, please retweet. If anybody can be in Houston this weekend there's a 'computer museum' that's liquidating everything they have. Almost everything is pre-Y2K including some DEC stuff and what looks like AS/400 equipment. Listing: facebook.com/marketplace/item/ @Foone

@peregrine yeah it's weird - and often unpredictable even with an experienced team...

@peregrine when you're 2 weeks behind, do you also work these for free?

I think it's time to raise your rate, though ;)

(probably taking this way too seriously, sorry :) )

sport, sexism 

@drifa funny how in much of the reporting on this the International Handball Federation gets away with saying "sorry we're really busy with the Olympics right now and changing the Rules has to go through the Proper Channels" - which sounds at least somewhat plausible upon first reading.

If you look closer (nytimes.com/2021/07/20/sports/), it turns out they have had complaints about this as far back as 2006.

I guess this is what we get for not paying for journalism, but I hate it.

Just noticed it's likely less mysterious than I feared: USB activity (moving the mouse or pressing buttons on the keyboard) will wake the laptop up.

I wonder if that was always the case and the impact was lighter before (it went back to sleep faster), or that this wasn't the case before.

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@dumpsterqueer A regular drill. It was quite tricky to get the hole in exactly the right place and straight down, because the material is rather hard. I ended up first drilling a smaller hole, and then carefully 'expanding' it in the right directions.

This would have been much easier with the proper tools from the hackerspace I'm active at, @hack42, but at the time that was all packed up because we're moving to a new location :).

@dumpsterqueer this was a fun one: the screw-thread had broken off from the top part of this safety razor, so I made a hole and fixed it with a regular screw.

This was a while ago, but we're still using the repaired razor, so yay :D

@dried I'm curious what you think of Rosegarden?

(full disclosure: I contributed to Rosegarden back in 2007 but haven't had a need for music notation software for a while since)

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