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@kattascha see also 'cognitive dissonance': people want to believe 'it is over', but realistically they know that is not the case. Being reminded of that gives an uncomfortable feeling - and it's easy to shoot the messenger...

Ready for another day of !

Ran out of rapid self tests? There are plenty at the info tent - come get some!

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thinking about a lexical way to think about/express reverse polish notation:
- `2 3 +` >> "2, with 3 MORE"
- `7 4 -` >> "7, with 4 LESS"
- `3 6 *` >> "3, 6 TIMES"
- `8 2 /` >> "8, in 2 PARTS"

Not a great discovery, but helps me think in that frame.

@florian @spacekookie @mch2022camp do try and turn it into a (lightning) talk!

I think it's just a nonce token, so nothing to reverse... but maybe you can try to double-spend by running real fast? :D

I don't think people were *too* surprised by 3d-printed coins tbh :D - the honour system is also a thing :)

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#CreativeCommons licenses are 20!
Honoring 20 years of open sharing using CC licenses, join us in 2022 to celebrate Better Sharing – advancing universal access to knowledge and culture, and fostering creativity, innovation, and collaboration for a brighter future. Help us reach our goal is to raise $15 million for a future of Better Sharing.

20 Years: Better Sharing, Brighter Future


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There will be daily jam sessions at 16:00 at the Music stage. Anybody can join these, so don't forget to bring your music gear! https://wiki.mch2022.org/Music

@uint8_t @sophie yeah, POSSE-style, I don't disagree ;). It just grew this way so far, twitter was and is still a much more active channel. I'm already happy that I could set up a half-decent fedi presence ;) and hopefully for 2025 we can turn it around :D

@sophie yeah, it does that sometimes, sorry... at least I try to fix things up a bit after-the-fact to keep things more fedi-native - also a good opportunity to add image captions ;)

At least finally filed gitlab.com/yogthos/mastodon-bo though I'm afraid I won't get to it until long after the event :D

Spent some days in Dessau (de) and got a chance to wander around the main school building there.

@LinuxSockDeck@mastodon.social @aral much this!

Especially for information that is not 'suitable' for the 'global' sites, for example due to their notability requirements, it would be super helpful to be able to seamlessly combine the 'global' site with a local repository containing additional locally-relevant data.

It appears @inventaire is doing something like this but I never got into the details yet.


I always wondered if bridging @matrix and IRC wouldn't be nicer if, instead of connecting to an IRC server, the bridge would act as an IRC server itself, accepting direct client connections.

Turns out this exists: github.com/matrix-org/matrix-i . Wonder if it indeed works better (most importantly: doesn't lose messages when connections are interrupted - make that an IRC-side problem).

Of course only works for new channels, not ones that have already picked an IRC server.

@ice yeah nice! You might also like naft.live/ from Belgium - less 'polished' but somewhat similar energy somehow

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Apparently there was at some point a controversy about Samsung phones detecting when you take pictures of the moon and paste a high res moon picture to fake really good zoom

Turns out they used "AI" to do it, which of course tech journalists treat as not being the same thing

But like, an AI like that trained on a ton of moon photos is basically an over-engineered copy paste engine

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TL;DR #Microsoft is (again) putting requirements on manufacturers (Lenovo, in this case) to effectively limit computers to only run Windows. @EU_Commission - I hope you are noticing and enforcing the rules we have to stop this kind of behaviour once again. Make it fast, please. Thx! https://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/60248.html

Oof, auto-adding emails to the address book is quite a footgun when it might put a mailinglist under the name of someone mailing to it.

Just accidentally replied to a list instead of the sender... luckily it wasn't embarrassing :D

I should figure out what exactly went wrong there, perhaps the UI or the mailinglist software could be better.

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