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the most interesting post-single-device web web-spec is a working draft!!!!

open screens protocol baby! connect all the things!!!

An organization I volunteer at (a museum in its early phases, ) used MS Teams to meet, but when people were having trouble joining *again* we successfully fell back to using the @hack42 server.

I have a feeling we're going to use that much more often going forward!

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If you are bored from #lockdown in #codid19 times and you know you need to go out for a walk sometimes I have a suggestion.

#streetcomplete is an open source #andoid app on #fdroid for #openstreetmap that ask for small details on the map to improve the quality. With your participation you get a nice walk in your neighbourhood, the map gets better and it’s fun 😀. Download on on F-Droid.

(also available on playstore, I guess )

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'Streaming has ... helped the major labels get even richer. In 2019, research group MBW figured the three major labels each made around $1 million an hour from streaming; only the biggest independent labels clear that much in a year. The top seven artists on Spotify each earn around half a million dollars per year from streaming on the service, while Spotify royalties pay the bottom 99 percent of artists an average of $25 annually.'

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Looked into setting up a server some more.

Originally wanted to go with but their 'append-only' mode seems a bit awkward. Now looking at which seems more up my alley.

Unfortunately the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B I had in mind for this is only ARMv7, and only supports ARMv8 (Aarch64). To make matters worse rustic is in Go, which seems available for ARMv6 and ARMv8 but not ARMv7 (

Perhaps I should just get a newer device after all :/

To the voting stations!

All the discussion around the election result in the USA prompted me to volunteer to staff a voting station for the national for the first time.

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Spent some time adding some of the local places I like to the page for my town,

Not sure if it is 'worth it', as a traveller I don't find wikivoyage pages particularly easy to consume, but it was a nice relaxing activity for a slow sunday afternoon.

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Having a rough time accepting the fact that apparently you can flash esp chips in your browser now

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'When you don't pay, you are the product' does not mean you are not a product when you do pay.

LG is cramming ads everywhere it can on its TVs - The Verge

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Command shell thoughts. Ever think about how when you start with a fresh shell, your cursor is at the top line. Then as you work, your focus moves down the screen until you're working on the last line. But you clear the screen and it starts over. You can see the legacy reason it does this (hardware terminals), but why does it still do this today? Why not have clear-screen reset to the bottom line?
alias clear='clear;tput cup $LINES 0'
If only I could get ^L to do this too.

In a previous life I heavily used

While I've mostly moved on, I still quite like its approach to templating: a template is valid HTML with some extra wicket-specific HTML attributes and elements sprinkled in. There is no 'non-HTML' syntax, and giving 'meaning' to them happens in code.

That makes it easier to work together with web designers without requiring them to have the whole development environment configured.

Are there 'modern' templating engines that use this style?

interesting: a 'database' that provides MySQL/SQL-style tools to interact with it on the row/cell level, but also git-style tools to branch/merge whole databases.

Sounds like conflicts could be a challenge... but I bet there's cool use cases for this!

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When I open the Mastodon web UI, the 'post' field is focused.

I use for keyboard navigation (highly recommend!), but in this case that means I must first leave the field before I can 'navigate' with my keyboard. This would also be affect people who use shortcuts to scroll even without using vimium, I imagine.

Thinking about preparing a contribution to not focus the field by default - after all, you only open the page to post a toot every so often.

Or would that be annoying to some?

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Do, a loop until a while
Ray, a vector made of light
Me, a reference to myself
Faq, a common query list
Foo, a type name in a doc
Bar, a name to go with foo
C, a language taught in schools
And that will loop us back to do.

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Had a tech nightmare this week when I couldn't login to my (cloud-based) password manager (Encryptr). It turned out that the service had been discontinued and they shut down the servers, meaning I couldn't access any of my passwords.


Thankfully there was quite a bit of uproar and the servers are back on this weekend for users to export their data.

I could have lost 200+ passwords for my entire (digital) life. I should have known better. We all make mistakes, please learn from mine!

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