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the postpunk troupe I was a part of, WILHELMFREDDIE, recently re-uploaded our stuff to spotify at

Where else should we upload it? ? ?

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i've tagged out 600+ open source, experimental and tiny tools by their qualities and built a new website for sorting through them!

these are all tools towards joyful digital creation, with the goal of enabling working entirely outside of proprietary systems- moving instead from one hand-made software to another.

(the list takes submissions if it is missing yours >:))

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TIL There's a project called "Tsugite: Interactive Design and Fabrication of Wood Joints"

"To design and manually craft such joints is difficult and time consuming. Our system facilitates the creation of custom joints by a modeling interface combined with computer numerical control (CNC) fabrication."

Very much relevant to my interests


Sometimes I "bookmark" interesting posts on topics that I want to read up on more.

Confession: I have never yet viewed my list of saved bookmarks. Not once.

I volunteer as 'IT person' for a museum in its early days, ( - @EICAS).

I would love to connect with other "museum people" and "museum IT people", here and elsewhere.

Any boosts/recommendations welcome!

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Wow, (a 'meta' web search engine, I used the instance at ) has come a long way since the last time I looked, admittedly long ago. Perhaps I should start using it.

I would love it if I could manually tweak the ranking with rules like "boost MDN and stackoverflow, attenuate w3schools and Medium" etc. Might be simple enough...

And then share those tweaks in a 'web of trust' style?

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Bubblegum: a nix CGI programming framework

- [x] Nix
- [x] Execline
- [x] A nix-instantiate based CLI tool. Wait.. What!?

As far as I am concerned, we have a clear winner for this April Fools Day.

The attention to detail is amazing.
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How silly would it sound to say, because few people can play the musical instruments required to record a song and then edit and produce it, that sharing sheet music, recorded loops, etc is a waste of time and has not really improved music?

Both that example and free software are remix cultures, and the same logic is used to shit on free software apparently. Piracy for example is not a remix culture; you don't get anything other than the end result to try to mess with.

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I was researching on system load averages and came across this blog post :

I was surprised with the dedication that this person went ( literally ) digging into archives from 24 years to find the source of one particular change - why #linux factors disk usage ( or any TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE process ) into the system load equation.

( thread )

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what on earth is this?
they're in all kinds of gadgets, that produce 2 signals, which, if you were to treat them as X, Y coordinates, the signal would draw a little square for you. thus the "quad" in "quadrature".

these are great rotary encoders because it's about the simplest way to tell which direction the knob is getting rotated.

they can be produced mechanically but often they're a little LED, paired with two light sensors, and a slotted wheel between.

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There shouldn’t be any shame in writing small software. Everything doesn’t have to “scale”.

If you build something cool it’s valid and good if it makes you or just a few people happy.

This doesn’t make you a bad programmer.

* a wiki
* direct, collaborative editing (etherpad-style)
* git-backed, automatically summarizing the history into git commits

And then:
* access controls (who can write to which branch)
* branching/merge-request/merge workflow in the UI
* ... turning it into a collaborative CMS as well

Would that be crazy?

Contributed to a project \o/

Been ages since I seriously wrote Haskell (been mostly in land and by-and-large enjoying it), so it's a bit of a mess - but still rewarding ;)

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