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So yeah, I just had my 1 in 200-ish chance and guessed the correct country in one attempt πŸ˜‚ normally don't share this but dang (I use different starting countries every day)

🌎 May 28, 2022 🌍
πŸ”₯ 5 | Avg. Guesses: 9.85
🟩 = 1


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extending this diagram with more random esoteric date formats would be hilarious. (if you haven't visited the page, this diagram updates live and is amazing)

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(squashing some 'wip' commits before publishing the contribution is still useful of course, but 'address review comment X'-style commits, that I used to squash on merge, now seem worth keeping)

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TIL 'git bisect --first-parent', which makes it basically unnecessary to squash merges.

Previously I was on the fence about squashing before merging: not squashing retains possibly-useful information and avoids some problems but you might end up in 'known-bad' 'intermediate' territory while bisecting which makes things confusing. 'git bisect --first-parent' avoids that.

'git show' allows the same

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I haven't used , and it sounds like I wouldn't like it as a packaging format.

Their for interactively granting containerized applications fine-grained access to resources sounds like a good idea, though.

I'm not sure this particular API, and doing it over D-Bus, feels quite right. Are there any other projects doing similar things?

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Hello world...this is an experimental account for, soon to be a home for article notifications and more, we we get it all figured out. #introductions

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Gmail will block all third party mail clients starting from June:

That is, unless they pay $4500 minimum for an audit :D

Stop using gmail and enabling their monopolistic practices, if you already haven't.

It's so amazing how 'exponential' and 'factorial' growth are hard to really grasp, even if you 'understand' them.

Got reminded by this video explaining how the number of ways you can shuffle a deck of cards (52! ways) is 'essentially infinite' on any human scale.

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🎨 The ArTist: Sergio - #ODEITH -
Most of Odeiths compositions painted in 90ΒΊ corners or flat walls truly create a 3D optical illusion effect. 🦟 Dark and authentic compositions of huge insects or objects, painted in abandoned spaces - City: most : #Lisbon , Portugal πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή - #streetart #abandoned #mastoart #art #mural #graffiti #3dart #lostplaces #photografie

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If you want to by Balu a treat, you can buy 4k wallpapers of some images on Ko-Fi:
(I will give 100% to his human, who is a student and not making much money)

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Noel Fielding rocking that purple dress :D

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@mhoye very cool:

run into a random problem, join an irc channel, have the founders of the project express empathy for your situation, help you fix it, and the next release has improved documentation and/or code to handle that.

coolest: after a few years of doing this, you find yourself being on the fixing side of this involvement, and paying it forwards to the next generation of FLOSSers.

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I got a letter from the Origami Association this morning. I don't know what to make of it.

Finally got myself a city bike helmet.

A very un- thing to do, but the reasonable choice :D

My @mch2022camp talk on @reproducible_builds got accepted!

What would you like to see/hear in such a talk?

nlpol, international rail 

Politicians complaining international rail is not a popular alternative to air travel, because it is too hard to book tickets for international trains.

Wut? and handle this just fine, without the endless upsell marketing and middle-men common in plane ticket booking.

Just Tax Kerosine Already

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πŸ“’ If you're in and around Rotterdam in the end of the month, come by a workshop I am co-facilitating with friends from Varia on Sunday, May 29th.

πŸ“š We'll be onboarding new users and discussing the ethical/technical setup of the DAAP (Digital Archive of Artists' Publishing) archive (

πŸ“Œ Full details (incl. RSVP infos) in the link here:

πŸ’« Feel free to spread the word!

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