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Please, please configure your crossposters correctly. We're not interested in all those "RT foobar" toots.

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Op de #hackalod maakten we - waarin we niet natura2000-gebieden centraal stelden, maar juist de omgeving daarvan.

Door de spatiebalk in te drukken zie je van 150+ gebieden hoe die omgeving veranderd is, tussen 1900 en nu.

De kaartlagen komen van, en in erfgoedcollecties liggen veel meer historische kaarten waarop de inrichting van het landschap over langere tijd te volgen is.

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You know more examples of things that never work as they are supposed to?

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Blasting drum and bass at my desk.

Noticing an awesome minimal hi hat playing from time to time, catchy exotic rhythm, subtle variations, ever evolving pattern, gently metallic vibe, bright yet atmospheric, oh wow masterful sound design such skills I can't even-

Realizing at the end of the track it was the spoon vibrating in my coffee mug all along.

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Waking up at - time to wrap things up and remove the scaffolding!

With @mmmenno @phpetra @rduivenvoorde @ennomeijers @bencomp and many others :D

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holy heck don't buy HP printers

they have a brand new "HP+" DRM thing, even in Europe. It is app based DRM and you need to register and account and agree to only use HP toner in the printer

Never returned something faster in my life

Just to verify, fedi, Brother doesn't have these problems right? They've always had good linux support so I'm hoping they didn't go all DRM funny on us

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Tip: If you miss the detailled way darcs asks about hunks for patches when using git then try `git add -p`.
#dvcs #darcs #git

With desktop software, especially development tooling, becoming increasingly more complex, I think process isolation will be an area that will be getting more important over time: things easier to use than but more isolated than "every weird utility can read your ssh keys".

I never got very excited by Wayland (it lacks some of the nice "separation of concerns" that X11 has), but it looks like GUI isolation might a good reason to get on board with it after all.

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Laat ik maar beginnen met dit prachtige verschijnsel ...

I was very lucky to find this. Each guttation droplet has its own little vortex ... Some mushrooms can create their own thermals that actively eject the spores. The drops have captured this process.
(the Netherlands)

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So here's the biggest tip I can give you if you're using Mastodon's web interface...

Someone sent you a link to a post on an external site and you really wanna fave and boost it but you don't know how?

You can copy and paste the URL the search box and it'll show it in your local UI!

Most important undocumented feature of Mastodon's web UI IMO. You're welcome.

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The Kochawave curve, a variant of the Koch curve.
Beautiful paper by Rémy Sigrist.

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There's something really special next to Helsinki's central station: A building called "Oodi", which self-describes as "an innovative library reaching for the future". Let's go on a tour! 🧵

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Is Popcorn basically the 70s' equivalent of Bad Apple?

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A Malay Viscount (Tanaecia pelea) spotted in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve on 7 October 2022. A nice specimen that stayed still for shots as I walked by in a bit of a hurry to make it out to shelter before it started to rain on that day.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Butterflies #Lepidoptera

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Mastodon is operated, maintained, and moderated by different passionate individuals and organizations, often out of their own pocket. Check if your server accepts donations on its about page if you want to help out!

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f(x,y) = ((((~y) + (x | 10)) / ((x + x) | (-y))) / ((-(x ^ 10)) * ((21 | x) / (y / 19)))) % 5

Extent: 512x512 (scaled x1)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

Had one of those spooky experiences where an unusual word that was featured prominently in a DVD we just watched popped up in my YouTube recommendations.

Now I know the brain loves to see connections, even where there aren't any, but I'm also installing SafeDot on my Android phone :)

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