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Hey! Super happy to be part of this community :)

Does this count as social media? If so, this is a first time for me.

Thought I'd start by sharing something - at least for me - inspirational. Looking forward to get to know y'all!

Did some hardware spring cleaning on my PC this morning, in preparation for the migration to Arch.

In spite me waiting too much time before properly dusting the system again, I was surprised by the complete lack of dust on my video card.

The approach that my manufacturer took of putting a huge passive cooler and just not using the fans unless necessary has shown some nice benefits!

Interesting paper from yesterday, investigating how some students act as "lone wolves" when asked to work in team settings, and this penalises the whole team.

The research is very thorough and interesting, but really sees this as something to cure rather than just a different way of learning and working that some people might have.

Reminds me of some of the discussion that we had here about the fact that "introverts are humans too" :P

Let's gooo!

One more thing to learn, one tiny bit at a time :D

Bread #2; same recipe as last time, but half as much of everything.

Onwards and upwards! :D

First time I make bread! Looks good, and soon we'll know if it tastes good too ;)

Today's honestly awesome paper: a team of Stanford professors created a multidisciplinary course on compsci ethics that makes me wish I could attend it just to see how it's set up methodologically.

250+ students, and lecturers in CompSci, philosophy, and policy.

These are the kinds of works that make me feel ashamed of my tiny contributions: this effort is incredible, and inspires me to keep working on my research harder than ever.

And the rattling is gone!

Now fingers crossed that the thermal paste will do its job lol

Though I realise only now that I broke the thread of one of these tiny screws on the side of the USB port... q.q

Nothing that compromises integrity, though.

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Hmmm... Maybe I should have ordered a new battery as well :\

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While waiting for my copy of Animal Crossing to be delivered, I guess it's finally time to replace my old rattling Switch fan...

Is this ?

Inspiring paper from this morning's readings: an educational framework to embed social responsibility in engineering education.

One thing that they propose is to redefine the classical "design thinking" loop to become more socially aware.

Very refreshing to see that there are other people in the academic world thinking that this is sorely needed!

Interesting read from this morning: a team of researchers in NYC involved students in RPG worldbuilding activities as a way to encourage them to think scientifically.

A super cool concept!

...and definitely being cited in one of my next articles ;)

A tiny historical artifact.

This door was not kept very clean, as you can guess from the dust on its upper third.

The tide was -40cm from average sea level when this picture was taken. You can then see the normal tidal range on the lower part, where the wood got worn and exposed. Going up, the darker line likely marks "normal" high tides; yet higher, the stronger high tides.

You see the colour changes again? Well, probably that was Nov 12th's "Acqua Granda" (+188cm).

More practical question: I should find a way to teach students to develop "smaller" code, rather than using a lot of Docker/frameworks/libraries/etc.

Containerisation and using tons of frameworks sounded like a brilliant idea a few years ago, but in the last couple years I started more and more thinking that we should reduce our footprint in this sense as well.

Taking suggestions, BTW.

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Stumbled upon an interesting poster paper about using GBAs to make C++ teaching more interesting.

Seeing the recent ASM craze of some folks here makes me wonder why people don't use the NES to teach ASM at university instead of MIPS ASM or whatever.

Also makes me wonder how we could further overhaul our "Services Design and Engineering" course to include something like this.

Hey @dom! Where did you disappear? :D

I got the last Crows Crows Crows mailing list message, and it's as hilarious as ever hahaha

You folks rock!

Game recommendation of the day!

If you haven't played it yet for some reason, *Battle for Wesnoth* is a fantasy-themed hex-grid strategy game. Think Advance Wars, but on an hex grid, with races, with _hundreds_ of hours of content, and... fully open source!

This was the first open source project I contributed to. When I was 13, I was heavily involved in the Italian Wesnoth community, doing playtesting and translation.

A somewhat old gem I'm rediscovering these days :D

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