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Hey! Super happy to be part of this community :)

Does this count as social media? If so, this is a first time for me.

Thought I'd start by sharing something - at least for me - inspirational. Looking forward to get to know y'all!

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sector7557 is a collaborative peer-to-peer mud i made on-top of cabal and which i *juuust* released
install: npm i -g sector7557
join the public instance:

Working on phasing-out my old server, a 5$ DO VM. I realised around June that it has been totally obsoleted by the dedicated server I started to rent in February.

Normally, I go for "smaller is better", but the new server has allowed me to cut Google from my workflow almost completely.

All data and services have been backed up and/or migrated, but I'm still a bit hesitant on pulling the plug on the machine that hosted my stuff on the 'net for 10 years. Anything I might have forgotten?

I don't fully agree with this article, and I think it's written a bit too cryptically, but it's a good read nonetheless.

Bonus points for publishing a critical, Speculative Fiction article... on a Springer publication :P

Are Springer/Elsevier maintaining small, carefully-monitored "reservations" of critical thought? Talk about de-colonisation...

Heard some quotes from this document a few minutes ago on 99 Percent Invisible.

I think this will resonate with many of the designer-y minds around here. Many of these "things" should be known by everybody, really, not just architects.

Playing through Mother (NES - actually, GBA remake) these days.

Never expected 8 bits could swing so well :3

Does anyone know about non-commercial alternatives to websites like Couchsurfing/Warmshowers/Nomadist?

I'd love to start hosting people and roaming around myself, but I would strongly prefer not to have my data feed The Great Machine in the Cloud.

Warmshowers seems quite more ethical from that point of view, but at the same time they charge 30$ for viewing the website, and I don't even know how much it's used in my area...

Hey @greyor!

I'm re-reading your fantastic Retro Games Recommendations list (link below for others that are curious).

If you're interested in recommendations and generally more minor games, I definitely recommend you check out the "Golden Sun" series for GBA! Probably worth adding it in your backlog :3

Thanks again for the great list!

Hey! I've been away for a while, but I'm still around and have done a few cool things... and some tasty ones :3

One of my favourite recipes these days has been an Italian classic...

Hopefully my translation makes sense :'D

@rek you should definitely try it!

Pictures will probably be available later this week when I re-do it.

Bread #2

Just out of the oven, the crackling sound of cooling bread and delicious smell is taking over the house :3

Well, here's to hoping it's better than the first one! :D

Hello from my new, switcheroo'd, Arch Linux installation :D

Setup is definitely not over, and data is not even migrated, but the system is up and all devices seem to be properly configured!

Next step: see if I can play some DotA on this computer 8)

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I'm baffled by how much my data fragmented and got scattered in the years.

On the other hand, considering I started doing this in 2005 when I was 12, it's surprisingly well-organised, and has good redundance.

Well done, kid me!

Highlight for now: deleting some old iTunes files I've been logging around since 2006, when iTunes still was quite decent.

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Still preparing for the Big Switcheroo from Windows to Linux.

Suggestions for a Desktop Environment?

I normally use XFCE, but wouldn't mind something looking a bit more modern :P

Found last year at the academy of Arts in Venice - ref-ound today while clearing out old pictures.

cc @rek @neauoire I guess? :P

My first sourdough bread!

Oven temperature was too high, it's ever so slightly undercooked on the inside, I put too much flour on top, and the surface cuts aren't good because my knife is dull.

Nonetheless... Tastes amazing and will definitely do it again, probably in smaller amounts.

Looks like I found a way to save myself from the terrible Trento bakeries! :3

HyperCard is excellent the way it is, and I wouldn't want to see an "updated version" of it. What we are missing, I think, is a player that works even from outside the emulator, or a way to compile stacks into executables, or at least contemporary interpretable code (e.g., Python?).

I have no clue about how one could do that, though, and probably it'd be a legal nightmare :'D

How awesome would it be make stacks, and then distribute them using floppies, as well as online?

Here I am, finding myself suggesting to that they add HyperCard to their game engines ;)

Also, I feel like there is so much space to improve the game's writing.

I decided to write in small °message boxes", and it's been a real challenge.

Maybe I tried too many new things at the same time, but hey! at least we finished the thing.

I never expected I would see so much room for improvement and so many more things I could work on.

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Our entry is ready and uploaded!

This is my first complete game ever, so I'm super excited :D

It's been lovely to work with clat (not on Mastodon) and his skill to consistently create awesome art.

This morning I got a very kind offer from @erre to make a soundtrack for the game. His ability to create music at the speed of... sound? has been truly inspiring.

Now it's up to you to reassemble the Truth. Hint: you won't be able to. Not on your own, at least...

First glimpse of the amazing art of my friend Clat, along with my crappy text and UI.

The first part of our submission to the is somewhat ready! Now just four more segments to go >_>

Hope I'll be able to finish! :D

Yeast texture: 10/10 ...and the taste is incredible too :D

I'm super happy!

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