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Hey! Super happy to be part of this community :)

Does this count as social media? If so, this is a first time for me.

Thought I'd start by sharing something - at least for me - inspirational. Looking forward to get to know y'all!

@flaneur / @flancian I'm digging a bit more on your work on the Agora.

These days, I'm thinking about how I could create a space for my students to share their learnings, ideally also across years... Will definitely keep your work in mind!

I think the main question I have right now is how can people be eased into adopting a knowledge organisation process of some sort...

Still, the Agora is very inspirational. Thanks!

I found this yesterday - thought some folks around here might appreciate :D

cc @faun @theneko

With all the Assembly craze going 'round Merveilles lately, maybe folks would appreciate some top-notch games about assembly programming?

I highly recommend Human Resource Machine and 7 Billion Humans by Tomorrow Corporation.

7 Billion Humans is about parallel programming, which is quite challenging and very rewarding to solve efficiently!

Tomorrow Corporation is one of my favourite indie studios - I owe to them my (re)discovery of indie games back in '08.

Re-release of the Big Big Train's Underfall Yard today on Bandcamp \o/

So far it's really cool, but I'm not loving it as much as my favourites (English Electric and Folklore).

Anyone else into BBT?

Also, wait, licenses for programming computers?! Dodged a bullet there.

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Recommended by pixelheresy on the Merveilles IRC, I'm reading through the "Mondo 2000" zines. Beyond brilliant!

Archived here:

Some excerpts in the pictures.

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Also for your consideration, view of cherry blossom trees in Tokyo livestream


Recipe tomorrow, most likely! I used a strange proportion of dry yeast for these ones, so we first need to see how easy they are to digest :3

Sorry for the bad lighting, but we have fluorescent lights at home for some reason, which makes everything very blue-ish.

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With all the talk about pitas recently, felt it was high time to try making some :3

Results in an hour-ish :D

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A Wood Heart is #1 popular on itch :) 

Shit me!

A Wood Heart is currently the most popular physical game on itch.

It's silly because it's really nothing, but I feel really proud of that.

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Oooh @whtrbt I gather from your website you're a fellow Carlo Scarpa appreciator? :O

Next time you come over we have to go "hunting" for some of his less-known stuff around here :D

There're always more perspectives waiting to be discoverd, even in those same old 10 square kms.

And speaking about the Book Club, sorry if I've been slow, everyone, but I'm getting ready to move to another country, so things are a bit hectic at the moment, and I'm trying to give myself the least amount possible of logistics to do :P

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From "How to do Nothing" by Jenny Odell - recommended to me by @exquisitecorp

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"[Attention is] a lot like breathing. Some kind of attention will always be present, but when we take hold of it, we have the ability to consciously direct, expand, and contract it. I’m often surprised at how shallow both my attention and my breathing are by default. [...] By inviting us to perceive at different scales and tempos than we’re used to, [artwork can] teach us not only how to sustain attention but how to move it back and forth between different registers."

Fermented Radicchio Batch #2 here we gooo! Mixer pepper edition BTW

There's some more time to vote for the next book we'll read at the Merveilles Book Club. Feel free to chime in!

Link in the post above :D

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Thanks everyone for pitching in with your proposals for the Merveiles Book Club. We have some interesting things, most definitely!

Voting is now up at the link below. Feel free to also add other books if you get a good idea :D

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Mostly here (with the hashtag whenever I remember :'D), and I also send occasional reminder emails!

I'm also around on IRC (and occasionally on Slack), but really the idea is that anyone can discuss the book club at any time and anywhere :D

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