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Hey! Super happy to be part of this community :)

Does this count as social media? If so, this is a first time for me.

Thought I'd start by sharing something - at least for me - inspirational. Looking forward to get to know y'all!

I recently set up a @funkwhale instance to share relatively-hard-to-find music with friends and family (thanks @liaizon for the tip). The software is great and the Subsonic API works very well! It's really empowering to be able to host my own musical corner in the 'net.

Special mention to the people that made the OPUS codec. Even at 96 kbps it is super decent for listening on the go! Of course, you can hear it's lossy, but... 96 kbps?! Awesome.

Catching up on LTM articles.

I feel like he doesn't address the elephant in the room, namely the logistics of moving biomass around, though it's a very interesting angle.

Had some trouble with WiFi on my Arch Linux laptop.

I spent 45 minutes yesterday evening fumbling around DDG to search for forum posts and whatever to no effect; fixed the problem in 5 minutes this morning by reading logs and downgrading the correct packages.

When first learning Linux, my way to troubleshoot was just to look things up online, now it's much more satisfying to find the problem myself!

And now, to fill in bug reports...

On this topic @neauoire @rek can I put forward a small "feature request" for Grimgrains?

It'd be great if you also used SI units like grams and degrees centigrade, or provide a small guide on how to eyeball the various quantities in Imperial units.

If you want (as an exchange for putting SI units? :P), I'd also be happy to document and send to you my own recipes for you to try/adapt with your style of cooking.

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I'm reading a lot of discussion about food; really enjoying it!

As an Italian, I feel privileged to have easy access to food of high quality and variety. Having a decently good default at a low effort is not to be taken from granted.

What piques my curiosity the most is the amount of research that y'all in the Americas pour into making food.

I'm wondering what would happen if I were to apply the same logic to my own (traditional Italian) cooking.

In 10 days, my music subscription will expire. I decided not to renew it as it was getting too expensive, and I prefer to buy my own physical records.

The amount of music I listen to is staggering, so I'll need to maintain a fairly large music library.

I'm not ready to abandon music streaming, though, because syncing across multiple devices is going to be quite painful.

Does anyone know of a FOSS software that allows to, in simple words, "build your own spotify"?

We looked at 2020 as a generic, remote future. Now it is here. And there are no flying cars.

The flying car is a symbol of a future of compressed space through speed and convenience.

But can't we then see the car as a tool to connect people by the means of moving? If so, the flying car becomes how our past imagined the internet, like people imagined ultrafast horses before cars were introduced.

Hi, I'm @raelzero, and I'm wishing you happy future from _your_ flying car.

I started drawing. I never did this before, aside from mandatory school classes where we did straight-edge and compass drawing exclusively.

The pictures below are what I did I the last three are three days, trying to approach this slowly and not burn myself out.

I know it's not much, but it's already better than zero, I guess. Comments? Resources? Things I should keep in mind?

30+ years old undeveloped film found in my grandma's house.

Guess we'll find out what's inside in a couple weeks time :D

This Italian collective has been working on digital decentralisation, cryptography and privacy for a looong time (like, since around 2002).

Sharing this because, while naive, this 2005-dated "R (for "resistant") plan" gives an interesting historical perspective on themes that are often discussed on this instance.

Unfortunately available in Italian only, but I just read a report on mobility in Italy.

Some key points: people are moving to cities more and more; we have more cars than ever; car demand is rising; bicycles are in decline; less people declare they want to use public transport.

This data is not surprising, but I'm still kinda sad. I don't have a driving license: almost got one last year, but then didn't because of silly admin. Now, I'm almost happy not to have one.

@gueorgui @thomasorus @royniang Thanks all for the advice! I'll get started and see how it goes.

My usual approach involves a lot of loose paper, but in this case I agree with you that some sort of a notebook will be very important. I'll fetch a basic one later today.

I'll be so bad it's going to be quite interesting hahaha

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Asking here since y'all are so artistically inclined: could you suggest me some way to learn how to draw?

My aim would be to learn to draw objects, architecture and simple landscapes, more than animals/people.

I'd like to learn this because sometimes I can vividly imagine a shape/building/world/scene, and drawing it would be much more interesting than just using words.

I'm starting from almost zero (though I know how to hold a pencil etc), and would prefer non-digital means.

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Hey y’all, we have a map of where Mervaillans are currently. If you’d like update it with your location so you could possibly meet up with other Merveillans

Read this yesterday night — a form of karma budget?

By the way, John Vigor is very fun and insightful as a sailing writer! :D

The consumption pattern of these doorknobs shows hand dominance in the customers one of my local comic book stores.

Most people prefer opening doors with their right hand, apparently

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This un assembled toy camera (it’s a functional film camera) has been in my junk pile for a while. I know there are some photography people here; does anyone want me to send it to them?

Going to the photo store next town over for a quick supply run (emptying chemicals tank, fetching prints, stocking up on film for New Year's Eve party).

Doing these things in this age of digital photography feels like a surreal sort of pilgrimage, but I'm feeling quite the anticipation!

Le Faux Hiver Niçois

Puzza di crema solare

Suona come un rombo sfrusciante

Feels like napping capitalism

Pedala in salita, e ha caldo
perché non fa freddo

Speaks une langue mixte

Runs like simple clockwork,
mais c'est compliquè

Is jogging, running, dashing,
but mostly dashing

Fa voglia di compagnia,
anche se spesso si sta meglio soli

Ha il gusto dell'ingegno bastardo,
e del mondo che è casa

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