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Hey! Super happy to be part of this community :)

Does this count as social media? If so, this is a first time for me.

Thought I'd start by sharing something - at least for me - inspirational. Looking forward to get to know y'all!

Hey, I think this second time worked out great! :D

The book was _huge_, and it really felt like we barely scratched the surface of it (and most people including me didn't fully read it haha), so we've decided to talk about it again at the next meet-up.

We'll meet next time on January 30th at 20:00 UTC, which should be reasonable for most people. Same link as today.

Email with calendar invite coming soon.

Thanks all for coming :D

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We're getting started with the Merveilles Book Club! :D

Hey Book club!

You should have email from me. Please check also your spam folders!

I'll do a last explicit @mention to everyone here on Mastodon, then no more headaches :P

From now on, I'll simply be using the tag and sending emails.

See you on Sunday!

@claudiii @jcmorrow @exquisitecorp @mvp @whtrbt @xsova @cblgh @neauoire @rek @cancel @thomasorus @csepp @chotrin @tendigits @instrud @gentil @jrc03c @jameschip @nx @mario_afk @gpsych @metasyn @chirrolafupa @nune

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Can I ask interested people to send me via DM their email address and timezone where they're living, so that I can message them? Invite open to everyone, ofc :D

I guess I'll find a more elegant solution in the future, but I think this is the simplest thing we can do.

cc those that previously interacted with me about this: @claudiii @jcmorrow @exquisitecorp @mvp @whtrbt @xsova @cblgh @neauoire @rek @cancel @thomasorus @csepp @chotrin @tendigits @instrud @gentil @jrc03c @jameschip @nx

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Only a few brave (or organised? :evil_grin:) souls at the Book Club meeting today - we decided to call it for today to see if we can get a bit more participation... But this time I'll be a bit more direct :D

We'll try to meet again in one week, on January 10th - I'd say same time, using the same logic as today: it's a bit inconvenient for everyone, but at least all can participate with a bit of effort (waking up earlier, or going to bed later)

I'm off to bed - this is right behind the corner, in like 8 hours from now.

See you soon! :D

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Hey folks! As a reminder, we're meeting tomorrow (Jan 3rd) at 8AM CET for the Merveilles Book Club!

Everyone's invited, even those that didn't manage to read this month's book.

We'll use my own Jitsi instance (link below) but, should the server blow up, we'll have a backup. Please read this thread for any updates!

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow :D

I dreamed of a Merveilles meetup last night!

Many familiar faces were there: it was a very pleasant and thought-provoking bunch of people.

Who knows, maybe next year it could become a reality? :D

Ah, in the spirit of what @cblgh was saying (privileging shorter books), I'd suggest that we first try to read Part 1 ("Where on Earth") of the collection first.

Then if we're all super fast and eager, and we want to read Part 2 as well, nothing stops us from doing so :D

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We have a winner for the Merveilles Book Club, and it's *The Unreal and the Real by Ursula Le Guin*!

For the first meetup, I propose Jan 3rd (so we can celebrate New Year's together!) at 8AM Central European.

It's not ideal, but it's the only time when it's not deep night for our timezones (CET, PST, JST).

In the future, maybe we can do a round-robin timezone rotation?

Feedback about this?

Also, feel free to DM me if you need help in finding a copy of the book.

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@raelzero i think it would be wise to prejudice the book towards one with a smaller page count; # people finishing a book of 100 pages is likely way higher than a book of 800 pages, and more enjoyable for everyone involved :)

We had 19 (!) book proposals for the Merveilles Book Club!

Now, it's finally time to vote what book we're going to read.

Click below, and vote until Thursday, December 3rd.

Very curious to see what we'll choose :D

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re: solar and computing 


oh, ok, for whoever is interested

2 systems 12v
-one 360w hybrid multi and mono
-one 400w mono
each about 315 amps 12v reserve battery power

run on the first:
-pi3+ or 4
-12v 3.3a screen (but have a 5.1 1a as well)
-12v to 5.1v 1a converter
-12v to 9v 0.5a converter
-9v 0.9a ddwrt wrt bridge

the second for now runs swamp cooler and two ceiling fans only

I found out about this journal more than a year ago, but only read a few articles.

Today, I revisited it, and I started digging in this "essay competition" section. Only read one so far, but very good material IMO.

Keep in mind this will be a bit academic-oriented, but still relevant and refreshing reads.

What do you folks use to make slideshows?

I'm looking for something to replace Google Slides with (unfortunately, that's the default at our uni...), but don't necessarily need a "cloud" or browser-based solution, just similar editing features, even less.

For sure, no need for fancy integrations or animations.

If y'all didn't catch this in the morning...

Sorry for the "double message": just want to make sure everyone that wants to submit a proposal has the chance to :D

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Okay! Clearly there's plenty of interest for the Merveilles Book Club, so shall we get started?

Propose books until Sunday, then we'll get votin'.

*This round's theme: Discovery.*

Also, we need a hashtag. Ideas for one? This also means finding something a bit more interesting than "Merveilles Book Club" :P

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Would you be interested in a Merveilles book club?

Format: we collect participations and book proposals around a loose theme; every month or so, we vote one book, read it, then meet (e.g., on Jitsi) for an hour or so to discuss the book together and share inspiration.

Both people that did and didn't read the book of the month are welcome, as long as they're willing to contribute, or even just listen in.

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