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Hey! Super happy to be part of this community :)

Does this count as social media? If so, this is a first time for me.

Thought I'd start by sharing something - at least for me - inspirational. Looking forward to get to know y'all!

This morning, on top of a mountain close to Trento.

Somehow, it took me 26 years to realise that sunrise on a mountaintop must look fantastic.

I feel stupid but satisfied. Looking at the city from above and being warmed by the sun and swept by thermal winds while the city and all its buzz were still sleeping was an interesting feeling.

Interesting thought on a Venice Biennale installation from last weekend

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c++ is a very sharp blade

without any handle

and you are bleeding

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I guess this is mainly a paralysing thing to say, so I'll try to add some advice...

We will never have consulted enough people. We will never stop finding radical new ways of knowing. We will never be able to easily distinguish cranks from fresh geniuses, just as surely as some ideas are difficult to assess, so will be methods.

Decent people will always disagree.

Interesting speech. Maybe I'm late to the party, but this was recommended to me only today. Am I part of the lucky 10k of today?

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for example, my experience of reddit has been completely transformed by the rtv terminal client.

There is no distracting /r/all feed. Memes and images are completely filtered out since they can't be viewed in the terminal. I just type rtv -s ${insert subreddit} and browse the subs I like. I can only read text.

It finally feels like a normal forum software instead of a bizarre internet hivemind full of ads and memes.

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No millennial needed to hear the advice “live each day as though it were your last”

The world we were born into screamed that this was our only option, that there was no future

These days I'm becoming more and more "jazzy" — something super cool a friend sent me

Hello Town!

Rough few weeks behind me, as my decrease in activity testifies, but look at what I got in my mailbox today!

Super excited to try these! :3

A few hours of crazy dancing at Madame Moustache in Bruxelles. The unfiltered joy of these evenings always surprises and leaves me looking forward for more!

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Some images from my first home-processed and scanned roll of film

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Since 2016, @rek and @neauoire have sailed across the Pacific Ocean as Hundred Rabbits—making art, games, and music on Pino, a sailboat turned into an off-the grid design studio powered by the sun, wind, and their own homegrown tools.

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i recommend monthly reading list from Uneven Earth if you're interested in environmental issues, it always sources diversely and neatly categorizes the issues

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Super satisfied with this little board. I don't carry a phone, but I do enjoy listening to music.

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i'm going to help host another unconference, 23-24 Nov, here in Malmö if anyone is in the neighbourhood

the theme:
What does tech look like on a finite, post-climate change earth?

an initiative by Zenna Fiscella and Edgeryders

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@raelzero @noue @royniang Also read as a general discussion of light metering. Do you do it in camera when you can/use a smart phone? I have been doing it entirely in camera but I've learned not to trust my OM-1, it seems to not pick up all the light.

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