This morning, on top of a mountain close to Trento.

Somehow, it took me 26 years to realise that sunrise on a mountaintop must look fantastic.

I feel stupid but satisfied. Looking at the city from above and being warmed by the sun and swept by thermal winds while the city and all its buzz were still sleeping was an interesting feeling.

@raelzero breathtaking! I miss hiking. It's so satisfying when you finally reach the summit, take a rest and enjoy the view for a while.

@aadil I agree!

It was sooo cold this morning. We took a bit of shelter from the strong wind in a WWI fortification to have breakfast.

That also felt quite magical :D

@raelzero That's awesome. I remember having some apples and water at the end of one challenging hike. Felt like eating a slice of heaven haha

@aadil @raelzero That looks absolutely fantastic! I'm planning a winter hike for february too, and I would also like to watch the sunrise from some mountaintop (or hill, at least). However I'm very much a noob, so I'm not too sure how to approach the logistics. Would hiking overnight in the dark be better, or would it be better to arrive to the spot the day before and camp out?

@gueorgui Well, I'm not a pro hiker either! haha

In this case, going up required 20 mins of bus and ~3.5 hours of walking, so we set off the evening before to have reliable public transport. We still did a night hike, though, and I really enjoyed it! Not hard if you use headlamps.

To sleep, we used a publicly-accessible cottage (bivacco), which is something typical of the Alps region. Amazing place to sleep, except for the group of 20 loud teenagers from a nearby village throwing a party!

@gueorgui Logistics anyway is always a bit tricky ;)

My two guiding principles for logistics are that "there is no such thing as good or bad weather; there's only good or bad equipment" and "the more you are prepared, the more you can improvise".

In my case, this means to pack and use only the minimum amount of gear, but choose things that work well in all conditions, and asking around and studying maps (OSM is pretty decent here) to know alternate routes and if they're in decent state.

@raelzero this is great advice! And yeah — I have fond childhood memories of alpine refuges, though I’m not sure if we have this in England, will have to check. Thank you!

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