Only a few brave (or organised? :evil_grin:) souls at the Book Club meeting today - we decided to call it for today to see if we can get a bit more participation... But this time I'll be a bit more direct :D

We'll try to meet again in one week, on January 10th - I'd say same time, using the same logic as today: it's a bit inconvenient for everyone, but at least all can participate with a bit of effort (waking up earlier, or going to bed later)

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Can I ask interested people to send me via DM their email address and timezone where they're living, so that I can message them? Invite open to everyone, ofc :D

I guess I'll find a more elegant solution in the future, but I think this is the simplest thing we can do.

cc those that previously interacted with me about this: @claudiii @jcmorrow @exquisitecorp @mvp @whtrbt @xsova @cblgh @neauoire @rek @cancel @thomasorus @csepp @chotrin @tendigits @instrud @gentil @jrc03c @jameschip @nx

Hey Book club!

You should have email from me. Please check also your spam folders!

I'll do a last explicit @mention to everyone here on Mastodon, then no more headaches :P

From now on, I'll simply be using the tag and sending emails.

See you on Sunday!

@claudiii @jcmorrow @exquisitecorp @mvp @whtrbt @xsova @cblgh @neauoire @rek @cancel @thomasorus @csepp @chotrin @tendigits @instrud @gentil @jrc03c @jameschip @nx @mario_afk @gpsych @metasyn @chirrolafupa @nune

@neauoire @raelzero yeah it was supposed to be at 8 am CET, so 10 hours ago ^^

@cblgh @raelzero I thought CET was before of us and no ahead XD How about we just create a thread and write our thoughts async about the shorts on here?

@neauoire @raelzero iirc one of the purposes of the book club was to meet each other in realtime? :)

@neauoire @raelzero tho obv if the time next week doesn't work out go for the thread? :~

@cblgh how do y'all concentrate for a book club meeting at 8am ._.

It was at 2am in my time zone which would also be hard to do.

but then again I just wanted to listen in since I didn't read the book

@cblgh @neauoire That was the idea indeed! And I agree if it doesn't work next week, we can go for the thread. Hopefully we won't need that, though!

@cblgh has there been a poll on timezones Mervaillans live in? Interested in knowing how spread out we are.

@cblgh @neauoire @raelzero Ah, was very asleep 10 hours ago >_<. Also @mario_afk expressed interest.

@raelzero @rek I realised in today in the morning that I missed it :(

@mario_afk Awww! No problem - you didn't miss anything. Will catch you next week :D

@raelzero Sorry for now I’m all stuck into plaster and painting and don’t have time to participate. I’ll try joining once I’m more free around June. :sadlinux:

@thomasorus You're stuck in plaster literally, i.e., got a broken bone or something like that? If so, take care and wish you a speedy recovery, friend! :D

@raelzero No I’m literally doing plaster and sanding everyday in my future new home and I have little time and energy during the evenings.🤣

@thomasorus Well, that's much better, and sounds like a great time investment! Best of luck and let us know how it goes :3

@raelzero unfortunately I’ll have to bow out from this time slot. I was thinking that since I’m on break, I could stay up till 2am, but that wasn’t realistic. More power to the club though, it’s a great idea.

@tendigits Well, thanks for trying, anyway. If you want, I can keep you posted and will let you know the next meetups!

@raelzero yes please! I’ll be reading along and would like to know. Thank you!

@raelzero i should probably get reading sometime today & tomorrow, haha

@raelzero thanks! i did get your email in my spam folder. where is the list / schedule of books that are being read? i remember seeing it circulate at one point but don't know how to look it up 😅

@raelzero @claudiii @jcmorrow @exquisitecorp @mvp @xsova @cblgh @neauoire @rek @cancel @thomasorus @csepp @chotrin @tendigits @instrud @gentil @jrc03c @jameschip @nx @mario_afk @gpsych @metasyn @chirrolafupa @nune

hi everyone, I'm that person who has not done the reading yet. luckily it's Sunday morning in Melbourne and I will have time to read a few of there stories today.

Are there any that people are itching to discuss? I'll start with those.

@whtrbt @raelzero @claudiii @jcmorrow @mvp @xsova @cblgh @neauoire @rek @cancel @thomasorus @csepp @chotrin @tendigits @instrud @gentil @jrc03c @jameschip @nx @mario_afk @gpsych @metasyn @chirrolafupa @nune is this happening today, yeah? a few are very short. maybe try those who walk away from omelas, the shobies story, The Matter of Seggri ? i don't know, they're all great

@exquisitecorp @whtrbt @raelzero @claudiii @jcmorrow @mvp @xsova @cblgh @rek @cancel @thomasorus @csepp @chotrin @tendigits @instrud @gentil @jrc03c @jameschip @nx @mario_afk @gpsych @metasyn @chirrolafupa @nune Our internet connection is too shit to do anything with video, but I'd love to share some thoughts on some of the shorts in the first part of the book.

@cblgh @neauoire @exquisitecorp @whtrbt @claudiii @jcmorrow @mvp @xsova @rek @cancel @thomasorus @csepp @chotrin @tendigits @instrud @gentil @jrc03c @jameschip @nx @mario_afk @gpsych @metasyn @chirrolafupa @nune Morning everyone! Let's do Jitsi this time, because that's what we circulated previously, otherwise people will get lost - yall can join even in audio-only mode, which is decently low bandwidth!

In the meantime, I'm here!

@raelzero i'd suggest doing it sunday morning in the americas / sunday afternoon in europe! hehe
- but i guess let's wait for your polling?

here i am in UTC -6

@chirrolafupa I think we'll keep the first meeting at that time, because some people are in Australian/NZ/Japan timezones, so other times would make it even more challenging...

BTW, want to send me your email? I'll message you there for updates

@raelzero oh, i see! i wasn't sure people were in the "very positive UTC" timezones hehe

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