Bread #2

Just out of the oven, the crackling sound of cooling bread and delicious smell is taking over the house :3

Well, here's to hoping it's better than the first one! :D

Found last year at the academy of Arts in Venice - ref-ound today while clearing out old pictures.

cc @rek @neauoire I guess? :P

My first sourdough bread!

Oven temperature was too high, it's ever so slightly undercooked on the inside, I put too much flour on top, and the surface cuts aren't good because my knife is dull.

Nonetheless... Tastes amazing and will definitely do it again, probably in smaller amounts.

Looks like I found a way to save myself from the terrible Trento bakeries! :3

Here I am, finding myself suggesting to that they add HyperCard to their game engines ;)

Our entry is ready and uploaded!

This is my first complete game ever, so I'm super excited :D

It's been lovely to work with clat (not on Mastodon) and his skill to consistently create awesome art.

This morning I got a very kind offer from @erre to make a soundtrack for the game. His ability to create music at the speed of... sound? has been truly inspiring.

Now it's up to you to reassemble the Truth. Hint: you won't be able to. Not on your own, at least...

First glimpse of the amazing art of my friend Clat, along with my crappy text and UI.

The first part of our submission to the is somewhat ready! Now just four more segments to go >_>

Hope I'll be able to finish! :D

Yeast texture: 10/10 ...and the taste is incredible too :D

I'm super happy!

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I'm preparing my entry to the even though I'm a total newbie to making games.

Yes, I'm making a game and I'm totally overwhelmed by this, but! This shall not stop my bread-making endeavours!

Today, focaccia attempt #2.

Lil monster is spawned and growing: hopefully he'll be ready to work in around an hour :3

Okay, I didn't post all the steps in between, but after 12 hours of labour and many mistakes (which of course I can't fix and therefore I'll literally have to eat), it's ready for the oven!

Fingers crossed it'll come out decent :3

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It's not Friday yet, so before I get lost in the , I guess I still have time for a sideproject of sorts.

Today, my first sourdough focaccia. Fingers crossed that it works!

Step 1: made a mini-jar of my starter and refreshed it

Here we go!

Sourdough isn't ready yet. No beer yeast is available at the supermarket.

I have no other choice but baking cake :3

This time, a simple cake with brown sugar and orange juice! Never tried it, but will let you know how it is :D

Let's gooo!

One more thing to learn, one tiny bit at a time :D

Bread #2; same recipe as last time, but half as much of everything.

Onwards and upwards! :D

First time I make bread! Looks good, and soon we'll know if it tastes good too ;)

And the rattling is gone!

Now fingers crossed that the thermal paste will do its job lol

Though I realise only now that I broke the thread of one of these tiny screws on the side of the USB port... q.q

Nothing that compromises integrity, though.

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