This morning, on top of a mountain close to Trento.

Somehow, it took me 26 years to realise that sunrise on a mountaintop must look fantastic.

I feel stupid but satisfied. Looking at the city from above and being warmed by the sun and swept by thermal winds while the city and all its buzz were still sleeping was an interesting feeling.

Interesting thought on a Venice Biennale installation from last weekend

Hello Town!

Rough few weeks behind me, as my decrease in activity testifies, but look at what I got in my mailbox today!

Super excited to try these! :3

A few hours of crazy dancing at Madame Moustache in Bruxelles. The unfiltered joy of these evenings always surprises and leaves me looking forward for more!

This morning, the "calm before the storm" while setting up the local "Repair Café. We fixed all sort of electronics, clothes, bikes... You name it!

My personal highlight is that one of my former students was there with me, and I was learning a lot about practical soldering from him.

A small thing maybe, but it makes me proud of the choices that got me there.

This moment when street lights are warming up and there's still light in the sky is probably one of the most beautiful for city photography.

Don't mind the picture itself (it's very random), but attached is the kind of light I'm talking about.

I met this strange metallic fellow, and for some reason I instantly thought of this song:

And if I only could / make a deal with God / I'd get him to swap our places...

Happy little critter found around Northern Spain yesterday. Love the texture on the shell <3

Can anyone identify the species?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Spoilers 

Found myself a cool sailing spot. Fun and well-maintained boats, merry crews, fair winds and... My homeland.

Oh, and it works quite decently for working too! Went for a short trip yesterday to Murano and back. It was incredible.

Guess where I'm going to be for the next 12 days? :3

Brought a group of 30 of my computer science students today on this beauty. They're here for a summer school on urban resilience, and we talked about transportation too.

I wanted to show them a different side of my hometown: I dream of a resurgence of sailing, wisened by the new technologies that we created since motors took over.

Will this trigger thinking, or will it just be a fancy trip on an old boat? Good question to go to sleep with, I feel.


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