@lrhodes @turtlebirb It's the "wrong" way because if you fill directly the converter you're not making the ink flow through the feed, which might create the awkward situation of full ink cartridge but ink not actually getting out :P

@rupert @gueorgui This is a great asset! I would have been extremely happy to have something like that :D

Notre Dame de Paris, 2019

With wood we laid down stone,
with fire we forged metal.
Now fire ate wood,
and metal encases stone.

@rupert Very good deal indeed! My bigger problem with the Crown Graphic is loading/changing film, and then having the tanks to develop it without making a mess.

I tried getting into it, but then I realised that every happy little mistake would have costed ~4€ in film only, and I decided to stick to MF for a while more.

Anyway, congrats on the purchase and keep us posted with what pictures you get!

@cblgh I'll read more about that!

To me, one of the most interesting macro-trends is that "decentralisation" used to be an anarchist/rebel buzzword, while with the advent of platform/surveillance capitalism, we're starting to see this throughout the internet, and more as a necessity.


Very interesting project, and enjoy CCC!

Since I joined Merveilles I just feel the need and the ability to decentralise everything :'D

@johannesg Holy crap! I remember seeing what you call a small storm in 2016, and it was quite the experience.

I can only imagine how hard it has to be, especially for the folks in the north... I see that Akureyri is just out of the "red zone" too, but I expect that they're facing some real challenges!

You have my thoughts and, if there's any way help can be given, please let me know!

@johannesg Oh, shoots! Lots of construction work and troubles on the "1". What's happening?

@thomasorus @neauoire Merci beaucoup pour votre rèponse! (Did I get it right? Rusty French is rusty)

Good point about looking for schools, and thanks both for helping me nail down the syntax. Developing and printing photos directly here in Paris would be a dream for me!

Let's see if I get lucky! Otherwise, maybe in Nice...

French-speaking Merveillans, if I wanted to find a public darkroom in Paris, how should I search for it?

Like, how do you translate "darkroom that can be booked by the public"? Translation apps are not really helping...

@jere You're gonna rock it! And even if you don't, you'll retry it and be fine! Breath in, breath out, and enjoy your day :D

@npisanti Brilliant game! My only complaint is that I liked FTL's music a bit better ;)

They have a great GDC talk on the puzzle design! Did you watch it?

@stephen _Very_ interesting idea! Do you have any proof-of-concept to share?

The problem of judging the validity of information coming from one such video is quite interesting: we are used to checking form as a shortcut, in order not to bother with the more demanding task of checking content.

The script you describe, however, forces people to care about content... The implications are super fascinating! :D

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