@lains We're also going to have an old world palindrome, which is quite rare!


And, even more rare, all calendar standards will agree with this palindrome:


I'm thinking I have to plan something special for that day :D

@s_ol Fammi sapere se vuoi fare esercizio di Italiano :) Come ti stai trovando a Milano?

@neauoire Sweet! Thanks for the info. I'll get those too.

@neauoire Ah, cool; thanks. And you use a USB LiPo recharger to recharge that, I guess?

@mewmew @dielan@shitposter.club @dualhammers @Merristasis @neauoire @thomasorus @liaizon Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll pass!

I have my own tiny thing, and it's enough for now.

Anyway, thanks for investigating this opportunity!

@neauoire Yeah, I remember you shared that. I'm also thinking about getting that board eventually. What do you use to power it?

@liaizon @Merristasis @neauoire @dualhammers @thomasorus Thanks for the link!

I appreciate what they're doing, but I think this is one of the cases where I'm not sure I want this to be federated.

I'm more interested in having a private space to share the music with these very selected people. Ideally, I'd even want this to be on some darknet and not on the open web, but then it becomes problematic to access conveniently...

@thomasorus @neauoire My solution so far:

Me, friends and family buy CDs. We do FLAC rips and put them in a DAT.

Periodically, a script converts all FLACs to OPUS 96 kbps.

A Jellyfin server hosted on a RPi in my home then adds the OPUS files to its library.

Contributors to the archive have access to the Jellyfin as well as the DAT.

Not the most ethical, I realise, but we're still probably paying the artists more than Spotify, we get to own our copies, and we listen to it in good quality.

@neauoire @thomasorus For me, the reason for using Tidal was that finding "my" music (mostly Brit/Italian 70s/80s prog rock and surroundings) in lossless quality is not easy; maintaining a physical library is inconvenient and I don't like pirating music.

For 10€ a month (I had a student discount) it was a decent deal IMO. For 20 (because they refused to renovate my discount for whatever reason) it's a bit too much. At that point, I'd rather allocate budget towrads buying CDs.

@xuv That picture is a very good reflection on what shapes we assume social interactions take!

Reminds me of this old classic: i.imgur.com/WkHHpZ1.jpg

@rek @neauoire Thanks! Let me know if I can help in some way :D

On this topic @neauoire @rek can I put forward a small "feature request" for Grimgrains?

It'd be great if you also used SI units like grams and degrees centigrade, or provide a small guide on how to eyeball the various quantities in Imperial units.

If you want (as an exchange for putting SI units? :P), I'd also be happy to document and send to you my own recipes for you to try/adapt with your style of cooking.

I'm reading a lot of discussion about food; really enjoying it!

As an Italian, I feel privileged to have easy access to food of high quality and variety. Having a decently good default at a low effort is not to be taken from granted.

What piques my curiosity the most is the amount of research that y'all in the Americas pour into making food.

I'm wondering what would happen if I were to apply the same logic to my own (traditional Italian) cooking.

@liaizon @thomasorus Fear not, we're on it ;) We'll be recording next week!

@somnius @neauoire @liaizon @tomupom @0xxg4 I will use this when people ask me what Merveilles is. I always have a hard time explaining it :P

@dom Welcome to Merveilles! I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay :D

@TeddyDD @neauoire This is a great feature of CSS. Thanks! I'll eventually need to put this on my own website... :D

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