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sector7557 is a collaborative peer-to-peer mud i made on-top of cabal and which i *juuust* released
tutorial: youtu.be/21PCb5G_EUM
install: npm i -g sector7557
join the public instance:
sector7557 mud.cblgh.org

@cblgh Looks awesome, congratulations!

I think all of Cabal is a great project, and I really admire you for the work you've been doing!

@hxii As a PhD student with a relatively small scholarship (1.1k€/mo), I'm definitely not doing what pays the most money!

My research work is definitely aligned with my professional goals, but in these last days, I started growing quite a bit of dislike for the academic environment in general.

So... I'm kind of doing both things? Sticking to pays me, but also trying to work out how to move to a different place where I don't dislike the larger environment as much.

@thomasorus It's the price of being a web celeb :D

I started working on improving my semantic HTML (my current solution is horrific, in hindsight!) and I'm testing changes locally, but there's still a bunch of things to finish. The article will surely help.

You definitely should remove boost/favourite notifications, though :P

@stephen @neauoire First part: touché! Very hard to challenge these thinking patterns!

I refer to "we" as humankind, and qualify "collectively" because some of "us" killed/colonised/oppressed many peoples and cultures, and I'm quite sure they wouldn't agree with my "better place" statement.

And yes, your parameters are pretty much what I also had in mind. Indeed, they are now not enough - we can't afford not to be more critical...

...and I myself need to work harder and smarter on this ;)

@stephen @neauoire What IMO makes it especially tricky is that, collectively, we are in a better place than we were in the past.

This vantage position though also put us in a spot where we can now better see our limits, and the shortcomings of our thinking.

I think we resort to seeing technology as magical because this allows us to simplify the complexity that emerged in the years, in the comforting thought that, eventually, problems will auto-magically solve themselves by means of "progress".

@stephen @neauoire I think part of the problem is that contemporary technology is very much rooted in positivistic thinking.

We build and rely on machines with the idea that they make us objectively better, take us objectively forward, and drive us to objective truth.

So, we end up in the middle of a war-zone between those that still try to feed us that narrative (very often but not exclusively, those that profit from this mindset) and our clear perception that this is not the case at all.

@awalvie Well, why the heck not! And probably yes, the ThinkPad is better documented...

Strange how getting into linuxland changes your perspective of what a "good" device is, huh?

@x @awalvie Aaah, now I have full context, thanks! Well, my general offer of help still stands, though I use Arch, not Artix.

And re: your other message - I agree that seemed kinda off! Hence why I was asking for more information... When I just needed to read more carefully!

@x Hah, I missed the word "code", and only read "the author is literally horseshit", which made me raise an eyebrow. Should have read more carefully. My mistake, sorry!

Also definitely missed the fact that @awalvie wanted to avoid systemd... And this time I carefully re-read the thread :'D

If that's your goal, yup, Arch's not going to help, unfortunately! But neither would have ArchCraft, no? If I understood correctly, the goal was to have access to i3, not to avoid systemd!

@awalvie Sure, anytime! Let me know what you need, and, if I can, I'll try to help :D

@thomasorus brb, rewriting my website's theme.

Thanks for pointing this out!

@rostiger That's definitely the way I read it, too!

It's quite refreshing to see the improvement... or at least, what I see as improvement in that moment, but that in a couple years I'll still see as me being terrible hahaha

I think if all my past selves (like, spaced by 1/2 yrs) were to meet in the same place, we'd have heck of a weird conversation :'D

@x Hmmm... I've been reading a bit of the author's internet footprint, but nothing seems terribly amiss about him. Would you care to elaborate?

Anyway, @awalvie, installing plain Arch is not *too* hard, if you're willing to dig a bit into the installation docs!

I'll be glad to support you/take questions if you ever feel like giving it a shot! :D

@rostiger I did something like that recently too - was reorganising my photo library (with help from some Merveillans), and I saw how much I changed over the years.

It's heart-warming and encouraging, but also kinda awkward to look back at how I was a few years ago! :'D

@rostiger Yes! Something like that!

Somewhat like what they do for paintings, but the goal would be not to track owners, but stories.

Every time I use a camera I have that was built in 1935 I remind myself it's literally older than my grandparents, and it has probably travelled in sooo many places!

@nihiltarian Awww sorry about your crash D:

Do you live in a city or in the countryside? TBH, I don't like to ride faster than like 10-15 when I'm in the city :P

@cblgh Yeah, fair point :'D I'm going to do exactly that. Thanks!

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