im at a loss, lets say i have a color gradient on a black background (single layer). i want to make the gradient transparent so that when i alphablend it on a black background it makes the same exact image as when it was on one layer. how can i convert the rgb value to a value with transparency ?

currently reading about Generative adversarial nets and Variational autoencoders. I might try playing with the concepts in unity and do tutorials when I find the time

still convinced that there's a use in neural network for generating worlds

I wonder how you can do a content warning feature that is not garbage like that.

just went on the federated timeline and got that good old mastodon "food is behind a content warning, but screencap of porn is not"

sometimes good ideas are just dumb ideas

its funny because i was like "hey what if a multilayer perceptron but the input and output are the same, no, that would be silly its would just be an identity function" and bam, i learn about autoencoders which are excatly that

im a bit lost with all the neural network architecture out there but autoencoders sounds like an interesting and simple starting point for generating levels from authored inputs

wondering if a "deepdream" kind of approach would be interesting to generate levels based on a few artist designed elements, and mix them together in a "blame" like environment.

(this is probably raytraced but ya got me)

we watched a brutalmoose video about Beny Tchaicovsky and if you like that good old opengl 1 aesthetic this is for you

i'd be willing to set up something like that for merveilles

watching vids on neural network and it's acutally way more dumb and simple thant the mystique around it

hum. Im a bit ... torn about this it's like, really candid. and also, it's like bosses telling other bosses to stop being capitalist and it's quite ironic

I feel a bit out of the loop of this plan9 thing. Im reading about it and its like, a dead precursor to unix ?

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