i just found this pydio.com/en/features/pydio-ce and I think I might use it for my file only website while I (very slowly) write my own tools. It syncs with the desktop and has a web editing interface which is nice

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Tetris on the left, Snake on the right. You play both at the same time.
With the same controls.
You lose in one, you lose in both. Good luck.


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Le Chat Noir, bar de Nantes qui comme son nom l'indique ne respire pas la république en marche, régulièrement pris pour cible par les keufs en station lors des manifs, sous le coup d'une fermeture administrative d'un mois...

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I had a difficult month and I won't be able to pay my rent, if you want to help you can:
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Thanks a lot 💙 (and here's a cute jackalope for no reason)

This is emotionally draining because everything is so much bullshit

I was petty too and since it was "my" pillows, i took them

Another draining fight with the ex/forced roomate till i find a place. This is draining. Im sleeping on the couch because it's "her" bed.

if you have trouble with your boss, just do like in dark souls, invoke a comrade !

pretty hard to have a rough life time and pushing everyone around you out because too many emotions

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I'm curious. Does anyone else read scientific papers for pleasure? (Boosts wanted.)

I guess I should see it the other way around and be excited for changes but I'm on an emotional roller coaster

we're breaking up with jude after 3+year together and living together and it's pretty hard I gotta say. Still living together while we figure out everything. At least we are not fighting and just chilling since we have less emotional stakes in the relationship. But it's hard to think our life is going to change a lot.

for now im thinking about early VGA/CGA aesthetic, lowfi polygons and dithering.

(precision : it's not going to be text based only. I like the visual space a 2d or 3d world creates)

this design is a solution to the problem : how to make a mud where people can modify their surronding and build a world together

im thinking about the mud i wanted to make where everybody owns a room and the rooms has input/output and you can do whatever you want in your room with the input and pass it in the output. I'm kinda stuck at the respresentation, the "art direction" .still thinking.

I'm still thinking about stuff that i want to do. I remember working on a ascii 3d renderer, or a mud .

its been a weird couple of week. Im trying to take time for mytself and it's a bit hard. Learning to live a bit again. going outside, working on the appartment. watching movies and playing games.

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