when you speak to your google assistant in english and it answers in french ....

hum they stay at their main offer now I need to make a decision arg.

wondering if i wont install an etherpad while i work on my online environment, as a soft transition from google doc

i got a job offer but Its the first one and the project is very good but i'd like to work in a bigger company maybe but at the same time it's a very good offer, tho i could maybe negociate the salary, arg I don't know what to do help

a story of linkedin skill test : I passed c++ but failed C.

Got my first therapy appointment tomorrow !

Of course bitcoin nerds are pro this "effective altruism" bullshit

unity is looking for a tech artist in montreal this is me writing my application as fast as possible

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Le MIT Media Lab a reçu pas mal d'argent directement d'Epstein, tout en essayant d'en couvrir la provenance à la demande expresse de Joi Ito.


got to go on twitter to post about job search and its actually bearable if you never go to your home

its a portfolio so, low traffic and used to find a job so I think its a good trade off.

in the end went from 100mo(!!! i know forgive me) to 40mo. Cant really do much more without really making the videos ugly

oh lol. 40% gained by converting gif to mp4

jpeg optimisation then doesnt gain much i guess everything was pretty optimised yet. next : gif to mp4

20% gained by converting all png to jpeg

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