ahah i feel like a weirdo here for using visual studio and windows.

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cleaning, ajusting, understanding the shapes and perspective

ok so wip after the class, working on it this afternoon

I think next session im going to separate the different basic shapes in layer and work on their main charactersitics (the big triangles, ovales)

shit now that im seeing it in another angle Im understanding it better.

im drawing a CAT 279D (this image) amd I though it would be easy but there are so many details lol

pfew yesterday drawing class was hard. We're working on sketching to then ink and color. I spent 2h on me sketch and it's still not finished. It's in constant shift while I fix proportions, perspective, etc. I though the subject was too hard for me but when I asked the prof he told me "welp, no, that's perfectly normal, it means you found a good challenge"

i feel that im at the moment in my life where I cannot NOT learn cpp. Any cool resources for people coming from c# /javascript ? All the tutorial I found teach you about how to program rather than how to program in cpp

Im happy to getting in back slowly. I think everytime im going back to drawing regularly, I'm too hard on myself and end up burnt out after a month. I'll try something mor sustainalbe now

registered for a drawing class ! starting on monday. Intro to digital drawing. So I'll finally have a basic workflow

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bad news everyone, i just learned that if we impeach the president there will be another president

@neauoire err, matilde is not "mean on twitter" she's a white supremacist, who got her name of her fascination for a gamergater, and who abused her employees and people around her.

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Show HN: Instant, Self-Destructing Websites

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With number instead of letters : I have a box that has 50% chance of dropping 3 coins and that has 50% chance of dropping 4 coins, how many boxes do i need to open to be able to buy an item that cost 15 coins

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