i would like to find a raspberry pi SOC but x86 because a lot of thing I want to run on a mini home server are not arm compatible, anyone has good names/ reference that they know about or tested ?

I signed today with Hinterland as a Tech artist. Pretty excited !

anyone here is working remote in canada for a province that they're not in ? how does it work for taxes purposes ?

I'm trying to find the source code for the heightlerp material function of unreal, I had to jump through hoops in the source because it's actually on a CDN and not the github, and in the end I just got a binary blob . 🤡

this is not much but when i'll get to actually model cool modules and not just do random shapes it'll rock

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Allright I've been working on this this week and I've posted my solution on blenderartists blenderartists.org/t/geometry-
My next step would be to instanciate grids on faces to put modules on, or to find in a collection the modules that have the closest aspect ratio for the face (to put windows/corners, mansard etc)

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All your weird keyboards are cool but you can only be a certain amount of guys and ive opt out of custom keyboard guy.

ciechanow.ski/mechanical-watch this webpage with 3d schematics to understand the inner working of a swiss watch is incredible

little struggle on blender with geometry nodes I'm trying to have face subdivided at different level and I can't find how to do it

investigating geometry nodes in blender to accelerate production of assets. Also GI and multilayered materials. let's go

I'm always like, shit our games could be so good and interesting to play but why are they VR :(((( (tips : funding, mostly)

I just saw an article that says that meta wants their new headset to replace laptops. and come on. How up your own ass you gotta be ?

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Personally I don't think vr will really last in the long run, It's overstaying it's welcome and is only allive because of the pumping of capital from corporations that really want it to exists by selling headset at a loss. I feel it's going to do the same thing as the wii

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I gotta say.. I'm always a bit surprised at people willingness to play vr games. Like of course in my studio some people are really into VR, and play several hours in a row.

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