aaaaaaa finally, first version of my one page portfolio

i wanted to make better use of the space on big screen but I want to send applications ASAP

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that was the advantage of written my own ugly static site generator in a day. Update are fast

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pretty happy it took 3 days : one to gather media and write the markdown. one to write a ugly static site generator and work on the gallery, and the last to finish every little details and add interactions

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@neauoire yah that's probably what ill do next. lots lots lots of media.

@ragekit i'm sure this looked great when testing locally but it load horridly slowly :blobsad:

@ragekit Help break my brain sometime when it's not 3am for me?

Oh, I meant maybe I could look at your code sometime. I'm writing my own as well

@dualhammers my parents are visiting so I won't be online this week end !

@ragekit nice work! I like the little touches like the titles shooting off to the left while scrolling, gives it character :^)

@ragekit A note: on mobile, the "js renderer" headline wraps to two lines when it moves to the center, making the whole site suddenly shift. Maybe you can change the right wrapping point somehow?

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