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Hello fellow humans! I'm rainonwires, I like to code video games and make art in various forms. Pleased to meet anyone I can. :)


It's Bandcamp Friday. If you can please go make some artists day by picking up some music, merch, or even a subscription.

Need some suggestions? I've got my profile here:


What are you guys up to today? I'm playing RuneScape.

Lots of projects I stumble upon as of late use metaphores to talk about what the project does.

As a developer, I'm always totally lost in language. But I'm pretty sure non-tech people as equally as confused..

"The network is like an orchard where every apple is actualy a message, the message is picked up by the angel courier telling the fairies that the rainbow network-"JUST TELL ME WHAT IT DOES GOD DAMMIT

Idk if you guys are into gunpla/gundam or not but... ThESE ARE FUCKING CUTE.

p.s. i literally got this off google so this isn't my image.

This is a cold truth song, it's burns your ears, warning - disturbing. Recently I've been researching the Vietnam war & what it brought in means of merchandise, now this merch may have been made for education but, when your kid gets his hands on a game about war, then what do you do when he finds out what that is about? idk man ;d

It's an interesting song, AGAIN warning it's pretty disturbing.

Anyone know any cool conspiracy theories? I wanna cool down and real something interesting...

Why do people think it's okay to just throw their harassment at people they don't like? If people aren't hurting anyone then why care? If someone says a word you don't like, why would you push them to kill themselves? No wonder people in america are falling apart. In resolution; I hate social medias, they're toxic. These realms of people on mastodon are a lot more level headed, at least the ones I've spoken to.

@rainonwires code complexity spirals. "GOTO considered harmful"

Hi. I'm Lucija. I'm from Paris, France, I'm a developer/creative coder and I like to do researches on many scientific and creative fields. I speak French, English and I'm learning Spanish and Toki Pona.
I manage a streaming platform/netlabel/TOPLAP node called @neuvoids and Microparsec, a Discord server around arts and code. (

I'm on the fediverse since 2017.

:triangle: :tridot:

Yo check out dis music
Just supporting my fav indies >:D
It's instrumental rock! so ye - im not trying to advertise btw i jus leik them

@rainonwires some languages are better at tackling different things? I use languages to fit my mood :D

@rainonwires It's definitely useful to notice and use similarities.

Beyond concrete programming languages like C, there is a more
"linguistic" view of programming language in terms of families of
languages (functional, object oriented, stack based, ...).

If you have learned multiple programming languages, what do you think of them in comparison to others you have learned? Are you particularly fond of one because of a certain feature or possibly they all are very unique to you?

What I'm trying to ask is;
Should I keep my languages to themselves, if I see a similarities between languages should I notice it and use practices from the similar languages?

Sorry for the long read. <3

In C I just learned about the Goto statements, these are similar to how they work in batch. Is there any downsides to using these? Like, switch case statements can be used for more efficient over if/else if statements (The downside of if else being that it checks every time it's given?).

I enjoy AAA titles, but what about those indies?

Indies are obscure pieces! In art, games, tech & even toys.

Make sure to support your fav indies >:D

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