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Hello fellow humans! I'm rainonwires, I like to code video games and make art in various forms. Pleased to meet anyone I can. :)

I purchased a iphone 4 and jailbroke it, time to (possibly) repair the stuck buttons and start programming some apps for it so i can utilize messages :)

@rainonwires You’re welcome :) However, this is isn’t an answer I like, since I make a living designing games supposed to teach players actual skills. In my experience, it’s really hard to teach real-life skills with games, if not nearly impossible (simulation can give you a "preview" at best, but won’t trigger the same neural pathways.) But games are good at getting you interested in information and acquiring knowledge on specific topics needed to "win". In a way, they can be proxy teachers.

@rainonwires First I played video games to escape, to have a playground that was just for me, growing up. Then I played video games to connect with others, getting that social outlet I needed even when I was far away from most friends. Now, I play video games to explore, and to see what new worlds or experiences people create!

I struggle with this feeling though, because this ties into the whole consuming vs creating something, plus how that ties into if I should be constantly "working" or not.

@rainonwires It's kind of old now, but did you know about this? It explores that same question, and is a really "seminal" piece of research

That being, said, I like @ice's reflection on learning, and it's why I play games, too.

@rainonwires Technically, we play to learn. We learn how the game works, what world it describes, what secret it holds, what rules to follow to "win". We learn new skills or refine them to master the game. And this creates pleasure because it relies on the same rewarding mechanisms our brain relies upon in real life.

Games are mainly self-contained systems that teach little outside themselves. But we can safely try to understand them, unlike life, and we love that comfort.

Why do we play video games? To find enjoyment? Cure boredom? Fetch some time to calm down - or perhaps we just do it for any other reason. But is it better to focus on your skills rather than entertainment? What I mean to ask is, do we need to hold such weight on ourselves over decisions like; wanting to play a game, read a book, or work on yourself. Should I be working on my skills and play games in my free-time? I feel as if none of this matters anyways, but what's your outlook on it?

Hey, anyone got any source code to write a javascript-less chatroom that will run on a hidden network? I tried a couple things but shit didn't work too well, any ideas?

Good moods for all as the sun rises on one side of the earth and lowers on another.

I've just published a 38-page sampler from my upcoming book of advice on rejuvenating #opensource projects: "Getting Unstuck".

You can get this 38-page ebook for free when you subscribe to my email newsletter (1-10 updates per year).


In 2020, I was diagnosed with three chronic illnesses and began acting as a full-time caregiver for my partner

There's much more to life than being productive. You will never again impress me with something you've created or accomplished

Post-it notes: your trusty password manager since 1974.

Ok, I liked/enjoyed Prospect (2018) enough

(mainly for a few specific reasons but i will probably watch it a second time)

Anyone know how to explore new mindsets, at this point, I'm worried I've gone mad. I just sent a friend a nonsensical rant about ... 927 words long... What is wrong with me...?

Thinking about the differences between ease and simplicity

For example, we’ve made it so simple to publish on the internet that more people than ever are able to participate and that’s a good thing

On the other hand, we’ve made it so easy to publish on the internet that people will just post any passing thought (even on subjects such as the differences between ease and simplicity) and that’s a bad thing

Recently I've been working on a game for a Game Jam, and it'll be out soon... But... It's an alpha build, 20 days is hard for a new idea I've never tried.

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