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Hello fellow humans! I'm rainonwires, I like to code video games and make art in various forms. Pleased to meet anyone I can. :)

I kinda want to automate my schedule. By this I mean create automatic lights and signals to stay on the schedule. I might do some kinda of projection onto a wall or use a small screen on my wall to program. I'll use it for multiple things like a planner, maybe some applications I can write for personal tracking like school work, what I have to do for the day, etc. Pretty ambitious. This is what I'll be currently working on. I might keep updating this. But who knows.

I've been thinking up a project, it's in the works now. :)

I've been pretty quiet... But I've been playing indie demos. Gathering inspiration and writing ideas. Hopefully something will come of it. :)

@zens @kevin thanks guys for the replies, sorry I didn't see these sooner. Great resources :tealheart:

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Have you reinvented the wheel while programming?

Does anyone have any documentation on making your own synth with electronics?

So if I buzz cut my head, should I donate my hair? Random thought.

> the lense they used is listed, I'm oblivious and can't be helped.

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While searching the internet of old documentation on fanta exotic, I came across this.

Pretty cool pic, I wonder what lense they had. I wanna find this person where they are now. That'd be cool.

Measuring intelligence is interesting. What constitutes intelligence? How much of our emotions and skills tie into our intelligence?

Sleep schedule straight booty. Thinking of creating a minecraft server for friends and people interested in fun.

Alienation is a very large topic. I'm currently researching it and how it effects people. Lots of my questions about general life has been vaguely answered here. Interesting!

Honestly playing around with theotown and its pretty interesting

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