Published a "Nutrition" page for GrimGrains, for daily nutritional needs as well as how to better absorb vitamins in foods.
Will update it often.

Spent the day cleaning some Circa comic pages :> Getting faster, and better with inking.

*Update* My mom and dad really loved it and preferred it to meat pies :D

This is the recipe:

It's in french tho, sorry. I can help translate if anyone here is interested.

Made a "millet tourtière" this weekend, and it is SO GOOD. This was a test, to have my parents taste it to see if they like it enough to make some for Xmas instead of the traditional meat pies.

Ordered some sticker sheets of the ecosystem rabbits

Been a while since I've worn glasses.

Devine ordered two pairs of blue-light-blocking glasses.

Polycat, deep in thought.

Dip pen + Ink wash + Whiteout

Another dip pen test with Polycat :>, better results, although I forgot to leave a paler region for the lizard bottom-half. Ah well.

'The hours are good, but most of the actual minutes are pretty lousy.'

(Douglas Adams)

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