I was worried that my preparations to combat both moisture, bugs, wtr would not be enough, so glad everything is fine. I'll write up a post to talk about the preparations we did to leave Pino alone for an extended period.

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Our Pino is doing well :). @neauoire and I have been busy sorting through our things on the boat, making it comfortable again.
Bilge pump held! No water got in, and no visible damage to anything inside or outside. We are super happy to be back :D

Made some spelt bread today with left-over grains from buckwheat tea and the result is amazing. It adds more bulk and flavour to the bread. Another great use for buckwheat groats ^______^. It didn't rise as high, but that's fine.
Every time we make some tea I find myself hurrying to use them up in a dish so I don't waste em.

On comedy during times of political chaos. I respect the hell out of John and his team.

Hello Nasubit.

Love making poses for the rabbit characters :>

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Performance artist generates virtual traffic jams in Google Maps by pulling a wagon full of smartphones.


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The website actually has many other documents, all related to soy. Many which are free. It's amazing. It was created by Willam Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi, researching and writing books about soyfoods since the early 1970's.

I want to read this one next: The history of meat alternatives


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The history of soybeans and soyfoods in Japan. This is a very long document, but really interesting. The timeline of events in the beginning is especially fun to read through.


The later section in the guide are still rough.

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Currently writing a 'provisioning guide' for sailors in Japan. It can be useful to land visitors too :>.


I also used the roasted pumpkin left-overs to make gnocchi the next day ^________^

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Duckweed may turn out to be a source of vitamin B12, but right now, we need much more info before we can conclude that it’s a reliable source.

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"Reports of a new plant source of vitamin B12 are making the rounds on the internet. The plant in question is duckweed, an aquatic plant also known as water lentils.
However, the food wasn’t tested for overall B12 activity which is always necessary to absolutely determine if the B12 found in a food is both active for humans."

[1] ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/305913
[2] clinicalnutritionjournal.com/a

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