Every Saturday, Devine & I go a farmer's market in the area. We always buy beets, and kohlrabi, to eat both the roots and leaves.

Since the boat is cold, the leaves keep rather well! LOVE when I can get my hands on vegetables with their tops~

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Pixel Editor Nasu
Vector Editor Dotgrid
Model Editor Moogle
Livecoding IDE Orca
Flow-based IDE Noton

While working on the book, I'm also writing notes for others with limited command-line experience, like myself, as I ran into a few issues when setting it up, and when trying to add special formatting (all good now though).

It's a fantastic way to format articles or books. Technicalities shouldn't stop beginners from using it.

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Working on an extended version of the North Pacific Logbook.

Using Pandoc to generate a PDF from a .txt file (written in Pandoc Markdown).

Result is awesome :D.

Started to read Ray Bradbury shorts in evenings. My favourite so far is The One Who Waits.

"I live in a well. I live like smoke in the well. Like vapor in a stone throat. I don’t move. I don’t do anything but wait..."

Made sweet and sour lentils for lunch today, but used sprouted lentils instead!


Sprouted lentil version:
I cut my vegetables real small (tiny cubes) so they'd cook fast, browned them in a pan with oil. When veggies were done, added sprouted lentils, cooked the mixture for 2-3 min, and finally added the sauce, mixing everything well and cooking the mixture for another minute or so to allow the sauce to thicken :>.

"If you own a house, you can’t do anything unless you get permits, licenses, and pay fees to do what you want on your land. "Do what you want" on your land is more of a “mother may I?” type of situation… only a lot of the time ‘mother’ says no."

@neauoire "They went off to the air closet, where a wind sucked them like brown leaves up
the flue to their slumber rooms."

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last week, i finished a new game -

Shell Song is an audio & hypertext piece about voices, bodies, corporate software packages, transness, and surveillance but maybe mostly about coming face to face with a ghost of your body already present in a dataset, and the knowledge that this ghost may yet come to outlive you


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@neauoire The sardine stove also has an alcohol burner insert

:O :O :O :O

Added "Sprouting: A brief overview" to GrimGrains, as it is precious knowledge :>...


This article was mirrored with permission. It's author just crossed the Atlantic (using just celestial and paper charts) to Suriname.

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Added a new article on Celestial Navigation on our Gem space.


🎵~ \| //
Σ ⊚ )( = ᐳ ~!!

Having my first glass of umeshu since the North Pacific Crossing incident.

So far so good, I'm able to drink it :>.

Glad the second jar didn't explode.

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