An article on a friend of ours, Josh, who sailed from Canada to New Zealand, alone and without an engine, in a 29ft boat.

Inspiring :).

This is the photo we took of him (also featured in the article), while we met randomly at sea going to NZ.

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fuck ads
fuck cookies
fuck tracking
fuck sharing buttons
fuck comments
fuck social widgets
fuck related posts

As we go west, we'll also get a speed boost from the N. equatorial current.

I love reading about this stuff.

Been researching the currents of the world, how it affects the weather etc.

We'll be crossing the Kuroshio in a few weeks, a very strong current that runs south to north along the east coast to Japan.

Thought this image was neat.

Maybe someday I'll actually finish the write-up of our time in Mexico XD.... ahhh...

Gathered some notes, and wrote a blog post about Leleuvia, a small island in Fiji that we went to last September (2018).

I've many more documents with notes, for posts I want to write.

Konnyaku is the perfect, plant-based, seafood alternative. It's made from the corm of the Konjac plant.

It can be made into sashimi, and enjoyed with the same condiments.

(photo from wikipedia)

Been reading a lot about living without refrigeration, and realised we've been doing it all wrong - well, we could be doing it better anyway. Going to continue to read on this, and may make a write up of my findings.

A conversation between a small child, (Orion) and a very, old creature (Jak).

"You look bored. Why don't you read a book?" Orion asked.

Jak appeared frozen in place, but then the lips moved, cracking out of place. "I've read them all."

"WOW! You must really have nothing to do! Maybe you should go play outside." Orion replied.

"Um. How does one... play?"

"We can play pretend, you can be the sick patient and I'll operate on you."

"I am ill?" Jak asked.

"Yes, you have an internal parasite. It eats all of your food so you're hungry all the time."

Don't take all the responsibility for keeping conversations going. Silence is ok.

For the project Cerbellum :>

Currently re-visiting many of the recipes on Grimgrains, the older ones especially. There were a lot of errors on the site, so I'm sorting all of that out :>.

Movie night, and we will be watching...


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We made vegan okonomiyaki with chickpea flour tonight :)

Q. Hayashida is releasing a new series called 大ダーク (big dark) this spring.

宇宙 (space)
惑星 (planets)
大冒険 (big adventure)

Safe to say it's about space travel.

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