Powell's bookstore in Portland is AH-mazing.

Bought Jenny Oddell's book "How to do nothing". Was hard to pick one book, for a while I had "Mycelium Running" & "The hidden life of trees" in hand. Ah well, only space for one book.

While finding blackberries again is a nice surprise, the sudden increase in housing development on the island, is not. Crazy how the peninsula is building up, with forests being cut down... it changed a lot in 4 years. I worry about the future. With so many houses, where will the deer and cougars go? :/

It's really nice to be back here in BC, and to find blackberry jewels everywhere. We've been walking/cycling, and we see these on the side of the road all the time <3.

When sailing, the journey is just as important and memorable as the destination. Same can't be said for planes.

Traveling so fast across the planet by plane is crazy, really messes me up. I'm so damn tired rn, can't think.

I prefer slow-traveling by boat to this any day.

Typhoon Krosa update 


"to search by google"

Typhoon Krosa update 

Current fasciated plant drawing: Olearia Nummulariifolia

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I’ve just finished reading a book, something worth mentioning since it didn’t happen in years. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in our future as a species. It’s short, to the point, easy to read (if you read French) and sums up pretty well which societal changes we’ll need in order to survive the next few decades.

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