When we bought Pino in 2016, it was fitted with a dripless shaft seal. It has worked fine, as its name suggest it doesn't leak. BUT—and that's a big big but— to service the seal you need to disconnect the propeller shaft coupling. Our engine is old, and that coupling is NOT coming apart. Worse, is that we can only ever be out of the water to do this 😵...

Wish we had a traditional stuffing box instead. Easier to service and is cheap to maintain.

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The world makes a bit more sense when you replace the word "investors" with "extractors".

Hate how adding 'vegan' to a recipe has become a trend on some cooking blogs.

Found a recipe tagged as vegan with the intro reading '...pairs perfectly with eggs, pork and salads'.

I mean, the recipe IS vegan but like... come on >_<...

The wind/current situation is frustrating in this area. Trying to time our exit and trip north, but it's so hard to pick a day.

When the current is ok there is no wind, and when there's wind the current isn't ok XD

"The most tweeted moment in the history of Twitter was during one airing of Castle in the Sky on Japanese TV on August 2, 2013, when fans tweeted the word "balse" (バルス or "barusu") at the exact time that it was said in an important moment of the movie. There was a global peak of 143,199 tweets in one second"

On the wikipedia page of Castle in the Sky.

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Bikini atoll flag. A reminder of the debt owed...

From www.infomarshallislands.com

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It was sunk in 1946 as a test, to evaluate the effect of the atomic bomb on ships.

In the photo, USS Saratoga is visible in the left foreground, being lifted out of the water.

I had never seen these photos. It's kind of horrific.... especially knowing how the tests at Bikini Atoll later affected Micronesians.

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The overgrown anchor hawse hole of the USS Saratoga sunken in the Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands.

Photo by Reinhart Dirscherl.

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Did you know dried Dandelion root makes for a good tea but also a great sirup? Tastes great in porridge or as a juice mixed with water.

The result of today's experiment. Buckwheat dumplings in a tomato sauce! Very delicious :>... although i need to improve on the tomato sauce a bit ^_^;.

Will post recipe once I make it again.

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Grinding some buckwheat for the cooking jam ^_^. It's an ingredient I really like, but that I don't experiment enough with.

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We are hosting a kind of cooking event this week! We encourage each one of you to share one recipe between now and May 23nd. To participate, you must create a dedicated page on your personal website with the complete instructions, with at least one image, and the cooking time. The recipe cannot include animal products, of course. Please use the hashtag when sharing a toot of your recipe!


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Warmer weather means better fruit and veg! Am going to try to plan better this year, to preserve as much as I can while the produce is fresh, cheap and plentiful.

Found some early rhubarb, and made some jam with it!

Finished Yoshi Island yesterday.

What a fun game. Not sure I would have appreciated it as much in my youth. Crazy how they're still introducing new mechanics and enemies in the very last level.

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