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I love doing logos and visuals for bands and artists now instead of brands.
Before: "could you make our logo softer so people see our brand as a friend?"
Now: "could you draw us a t-shirt design? The back is gonna read 'kill nazis dead' you can draw whatever you want on the front"

We’re stern tied to a tree in a very nice, but snug cove. Laying the anchor, we were almost near the other side of the little nook (very narrow).

Yesterday the tree was easy to reach, a bit of climbing was necessary, but now the cliff keeps getting taller, revealing crusty and sharp sea things clinging to it (hard on the feet). The tide isn’t done dropping.

Tenedos Bay is all cliffs. A very stunning anchorage. Will share photos once our good cam is done charging :).

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Henceforth, I will no longer interact with images lacking alt-text.

Please add alt-text to your images, friends.

Some of us have problems seeing, interpreting & interacting with images.

We raise the phone (that we tether off of) up the mast daily now, to get a signal, didn’t used to have to do that. It also doesn’t always work (signal strength varies from day to day).
The phone is in a little pouch near the second set of spreaders.

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Released the list of changes to the Hundred Rabbits projects for July.

Today is windy but sunny, Pino is stern-tied to shore, and internet is flaky as fuck.


Thank you all for the recommendations :). Mastodon runs fine most times.

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Our internet is the shittiest it’s ever been. The mastodon interface is practically non existent for me and the timeline just a set of giant emojis lol...
Anyway, just a quick post to say that this is why me and @neauoire may not be replying to messages. (Hope this gets through).

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New bolder Orca font, fresh out of the oven! 🥖 Thanks to everyone who suggested improvements :) Hopefully this will make projected livecoding sources more readable for the people at the back!

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Here's a little story I wrote.

I had just fought my way through a blizzard, on the request of a friend who invited me over to witness the completion of a recent project. I hung my snow-covered coat on something that, by the look of it, might very well have been a time machine. A silhouetted shape across the dark room, invites me to make my way through the unlit workshop and join them.

In most places we have to watch out for mosquitoes, but here we have horse flies to contend with.

They are HUGE and getting bit hurts like hell.

They come out to the boat everyday to say hello 😑 ...wish they didn't.

Stumbled on a new trail yesterday quite by accident (missed our usual turn off cause I was likely too busy ranting g about something) and the path opened onto a lovely lagoon :)! The rocks were full of dried filamentous algae that had gone from a neon green to a blinding white, thick and so tightly pressed that it resembled paper.

While heading there, we found yet another trail branching off!

This island really is full of surprises.

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We had planned to be more north at this time, but plans change :). Especially if we discover a place on the way that we really love.

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Really loving our long stay on Cortes Island. We really didn’t expect to stay here this long, but it is crazy beautiful... the trails are nice, the water is warm enough to swim in, and there’s so much room that it never rly feels crowded when other boats come.

I hear bald eagles everyday (such a unique cry). I also always hear the resident seal before I see it (it breathes so loud when it surfaces).

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To add onto the food preservation thread, which is unfortunately private.

If you're hoping to keep oats for a while, don't stock up on the rolled oats, instead get whole oats, and process(grind/roll) them as needed, they take half as much space that way, and will last a lot longer.

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If you want to know more about why we bought a ruin in Puglia, southern Italy, and what we hope to make out of it (a retreat, or stopping place, for creative waifs, strays and outsiders), you can read what a friend of ours has written on her GoFundMe appeal for us.


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What even is adulthood?

Biologically, turning 24 and ceasing growth?

Economically, turning 18 and ready to be exploited in the workplace, or kill in a war?

Sociologically, having to kill all your interests, and replace them. With drab, unexciting, bland, tasteless doldrum. Or you'll forever be economically locked out of any opportunity, for expressing yourself.

Adulthood is bullshit, don't ever grow up.
Grow your interests, and never lose yourself.

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Organic, 'pro planet', 'green' products wrapped in petrochemicals are a siege of incoherence indicative of a broader market that both proliferates and exploits cognitive dissonance.

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