Capucine Trochet sailing aboard Tara Tari, the first ever sailboat made from 100% jute fibre.

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The first portrait I drew in a very long while, I somehow had convinced myself that I wasn't good at it, glad it's not the case. Looking forward to inktober and just drawing a little bit every day for the rest of my life.

Ran out of cacao powder, so am using kinako to make a stovetop cake ^____^.

Galley smells so good rn.

Water restrictions in the Islands make it very difficult to fill-up our water. We've been reliant on our own supplies for a few weeks now.

All the Islands reserve the water for local consumption. Understandable, but it makes it difficult for those who don't have a fixed home.

Today we are switching to our pressure sprayer to wash the dishes. Our main tank is near empty, but we still have a few extra litres in Jerry cans to draw from.

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Rekka & I will be giving a keynote presentation, alongside Khyam Allami, at NIME 2022!

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Waterspout watch in the Strait of Georgia.

Conditions in this area these days are rly awful :/...

Another shot, up the mast.

"Marcus climbing up and down La Chica's mainsail in 2013."

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Apparently, with a junk rig you can use the battens to climb to the top of the mast.

Wow. Handy.

A very windy, and wet day. Been a while since I've seen this much rain.

The area has been under severe water restrictions for weeks now. This downpour will help, and the plants too will be happy 🌱

"Between January 2015 and March 2020, there were 102 incidents of ships dragging anchors along B.C.'s coastline which can result in collisions, groundings or other emergencies."

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"The vessels are destined for the Port of Vancouver, but use more than two dozen anchorages in and around the Southern Gulf Islands to wait for a berth to open in the port to pick up cargo such as grain, coal, potash or sulphur.
The Port of Vancouver says growth in trade, supply chain issues and weather-related delays have resulted in the Southern Gulf Island anchorages being used more."

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A website tracking the many cargo ships anchored in the Gulf Islands, a growing problem in the area.

These anchorages are located in sensitive marine ecosystems.

Had a nice wet sail back across the Strait of Georgia, we are back in the Gulf Islands to wait out some bad weather :>.

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