Making yeast for the first time. It's something I've been putting off because I don't have a fridge, but since I'm home everyday (self-imposed lock down) it won't be hard to continuously feed it.

My first recipe with it will be @raelzero 's focaccia.

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We just finished our sub!! We'll have a glass of wine to celebrate. We're super happy with the result, can't wait to show you what @rek & I have made 👋

I found my dream cast iron bread pan.

OIGEN's cast iron works are amazing, but I bet they cost a lot...

Marinated some nagaimo overnight in a mixture of soy sauce, sake and chilis.

Currently reading "Preserving, the Japanese way" by Nancy Hachisu.

In the books she talks about the different ways that food is preserved in Japan, with miso, salt, soy sauce, rice bran etc. She gives really detailed descriptions.

By reading it, I was able to identify a type of pickle someone gave me last year, called Narazuke. It's the best tsukemono I've ever had (pictured below). It's daikon pickled in sake lees.

Love, love, LOVE seeing pictures of bread on my timeline.

Today's dinner: Soybean hummus and chopped myoga, served with carrots, kyuuri and flat breads to scoop it up!

I forgot to grate the outside so the breading didn't stick when I sliced the fried renkon into pieces. WOOPS. I'll get it right next time.

Taste-wise though, it was 👌. White miso is much better, and chickpea batter is delicious, even without added spices. I fried up the left-over batter too, love seeing the little puffs of dough rise up.

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