A sprite commission I just finished


It was like in some places in the South Pacific, they've got coconut trees everywhere... and yet, no coconut milk ice cream, only frozen dairy products and that makes me sad.

Kind of shocked that all of the cafes we've been too in Chichijima don't have soy milk, they only serve dairy.

Soybeans are so common here :<... I DON'T GET IT.

We found a Japanese bindama, or "glass ball". Once used by fishermen in Japan to keep their nets and lines afloat. These glass floats are no longer used by fishermen, but many are still afloat in the Pacific.

It was Hinamatsuri (girl's day) here yesterday, and a local brought us some little decorative dolls so that we too, could take part in the celebrations. Our friend Chie even made us some sakura mochi for the occasion.

So nice of them ;___;

Another realization: Agar agar power and Kanten are not the same, they come from different kinds of edible seaweed :O

I realized the other day that Kuzuko and Arrowroot starch were the same thing.
My Japanese food word database is growing.

Ahh! Junji Itou's 1st artbook "Igyou sekai" will be released on March 20, 2019.

A collection of beautiful nightmares.

Our last stop, Enemanet island. Tomorrow morning we're off!

The land here is so narrow, we can hear the ocean breaking on the other side.

Dove under Pino to clean its belly, was attacked by hundreds of little shrimps.

They'd made a home under there, sorry little ones.

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our babysitter today was like "ugh i broke my macbook charger cord and im really not looking forward to having to pay for a new one" so I grabbed my soldering iron and heatshrink tubing and taught her how to fix cords herself and packed up everything she'd need to do it at home later.

She did a few with me there to help, did awesome, and is super excited about fixing it on her own.

Does this count as #solarpunk ?

An article on a friend of ours, Josh, who sailed from Canada to New Zealand, alone and without an engine, in a 29ft boat.

Inspiring :).

This is the photo we took of him (also featured in the article), while we met randomly at sea going to NZ.


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fuck popups
fuck ads
fuck cookies
fuck tracking
fuck sharing buttons
fuck comments
fuck social widgets
fuck related posts

As we go west, we'll also get a speed boost from the N. equatorial current.

I love reading about this stuff.

Been researching the currents of the world, how it affects the weather etc.

We'll be crossing the Kuroshio in a few weeks, a very strong current that runs south to north along the east coast to Japan.

Thought this image was neat.

Maybe someday I'll actually finish the write-up of our time in Mexico XD.... ahhh...

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