Today on pre-departure madness:
We fixed the cupboard door I broke yesterday ( ;___; ). Cleaned the starboard/port side cushion covers and did a so-so fiberglass job on deck (first time trying to close a hole that big). Also, received our new fan and some cedar balls (they smell so nice).

Today's pre-departure madness:
Fought the clean-again foam cushions back into their covers, I won. Bought my weight in vinegar. Broke a cupboard door.

Been reading up a lot about moisture control on boats. The key is ventilation. Ordered a fan that we're going to install in the door to keep the air moving in our absence. Also, the charcoal and buckets of calcium chloride will help to absorb some of the humidity.

Today on pre-departure madness: Cleaned the v-berth, wiped the walls with vinegar, discovered just how filthy the cushions were — we used to sleep on that *___*? Ordered bags of charcoal for humidity and odors, spread those around Pino :>.

I remember when my dream was to be an Art Director, now I'm just like... dafuk was I thinking? That idea was pushed onto me somehow, that I had to aim 'real high', otherwise I was doing work/life wrong.

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Yet another important tip:
"Yet also be careful of following all writing advice you read without considering any other possibilities. This will help you remain alert to finding the system of writing approaches that works best for you."

Writing tips from Ursula K. Le Guin:
- Study every aspect of your craft, including punctuation
- Vary the length of your sentences to create interest and rhythm
- Be careful of tiring repetition
- Take advice to ditch all adverbs lightly
- Use writing exercises to master point of view
- Don’t make plot your focus if it’s not crucial to your story
- Join a writing group
- Don’t buy into ‘show, don’t tell’ too absolutely

Back when I was in NZ, got a ton of fresh feijoas from @kor 's backyard. Had so much that I made chutney with it. Opened the last jar of it today. Sad times.

Currently updating the description for all our games and tools on so they include the Five Ws.

In the early 1960s, Tokyo faced a chronic water shortage and water supply to about 1 million households had to be cut around the time of the 1964 Summer Olympics. At the time, people used to call the city the "Tokyo Desert".

“The idea of finding yourself falls very strangely on Amish ears. After all, we Amish are not trying to find ourselves, we’re trying to lose ourselves!”

"A lot of people now come of age in places that feel like no place—a kind of vague American landscape, sculpted in part by corporations—which occasionally makes me wonder if homesickness, as a human experience, is itself on the verge of extinction."

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If any of you were at A MAZE and played a weird game about two mecha pilots discussing religion as they wait for their life support systems to fail, well that game has been released now and it's made by two of my favourite people, go check it out!

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