Doing projects when you've got the right tools is a breeeeeeze. So thankful to have a tool library nearby.
Removed all the varnish from two wood doors with a borrowed heat gun today. When i first tried this a week ago I messed up the wood, making dents in it with my scraper, I also burned part of it as the temp was too high, but today it went smoothly~ no dents, no burns.

Dehydrating grapes today. Going to take 24 hours. Tomorrow, same time, hopefully... I'll get beautiful dried grapes :>.

Last week me & @neauoire helped to sort through bottles at our old yacht club. Totalling to $1069.90's worth.
The amount will go to the club's JR sailing program.

Stumbled upon this wiki about renewable energy while researching stoves, and it's amazing??

Got our hands on an Origo 3000 alcohol stove! Will be experimenting with this in the coming days. It's in a very good condition :>.

Weather, smoke 

5th day of smoky skies, my throat is real scratchy...

Can't imagine what it's like for ppl nearest to these fires.

Maya Gabeira surfed a 73.5-foot wave in February, breaking a world record in the process. The footage of that wave is insaaane..!

Link to video:

Dehydrating some tomatoes today, using a friend's dehydrator.

First time using one.

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Albatrosses are glam birds.

Drawing for the latest 100r video.

Medussa 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍

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Working on the instruction booklet for Donsol NES :>

Also, learning how to use Inkscape. I used to hate on it, a lot, and now I can't remember why? It's great!

Watched "My Octopus Teacher" a few days ago, and it nearly brought to tears. If you spend enough time in a wild environment, learning more about the creatures and plants that live there, it's awful hard not to care.

Think I may have found us an alcohol stove for Pino! Going to see it on Tuesday :>.

Beautiful solid cast-iron wood stove by ShipMate. Lovely.

Went to pick up our 3 fire extinguishers today, guy at the desk was nice, didn't charge me for getting them serviced :>, offsets the cost of having to buy new flares, which was FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE.

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