Going to serve it with brown rice and some steamed kohlrabi leaves.

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Made coleslaw with left-over cabbage!

Soaked some sunflower seeds overnight, ground em' up next morning, mixed it with thinly-sliced cabbage, julienned-carrots, dijon mustard, maple syrup, acv and some leek.

:O! @neauoire is sprouting everything. Soon, Pino will be covered in greenery.

Politics, humor 

A comment I saw on Youtube that made me laugh, ah... deflection.

Melania: "Donald, do you love me?"
Donald: "Sure."
Melania: "Then say it."
Donald: "I said it many times before."
Melania: "I want to hear it now."
Donald: "What do you want to hear?"
Melania: "Melania, I love you:"
Donald: "But Obama ..."

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Added RSS feeds to some of my projects :>. Been putting it off long enough.

@neauoire 17 years living Off-Grid on a self-built island homestead from salvaged materials youtube.com/watch?v=JM7Vsm4Gm5

Whole candied pineapple, by Lilamand Confiseur.

"...nous ne produisons que du superflu, essentiel à la vie." This line on their website made me smile.


Just an additional note! I didn't make the full recipe, I made 1/4, mostly because we don't have a fridge to keep extras. Also, my cast iron pan is small :>, too much vege pate wouldn't cook well in it.

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Vege pate normally requires 50 minutes of cooking in the oven. The stovetop version was just as good, not as crunchy, but still a good soft consistency. Was easy to spread on toast :>.

I'm trying to learn to cook with less fuel. The insulated box is a very good technique.

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Made some végé pâté for the first time on the boat, without an oven, and it was HEAVENLY.

This is the normal recipe: grimgrains.com/site/vege_pate.

For the stovetop version, I put all the ingredients in an oiled cast iron pan, cooked it for 5 min med heat with the top on, than flipped it, cooked the other side (same time), and THEN went to bury it in a bin with blankets & cushions, and let it slow cook for 4 hours.

Pan was still hot when I opened it. Fan-tas-tic!

Civil inattention : maintaining a balance between civility and privacy. Acting civilized toward one another, but also not being attentive. Being alone, but together.

"Two people are walking towards each other on the street. They'll glance at each other from a distance. That's the civility, the acknowledgement. And then as they get closer, they'll look away, to give each other some space."

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This is a recipe I'd love to try. Going to have to get my hands on a whisk attachment for my power drill. Will visit the thrift store to see if I can find one :>.

(in french)

Unknown Fields Division, a nomadic design studio, have used mud from a lake in Inner Mongolia to craft a set of three ceramic vessels. Each is proportioned as a traditional Ming vase and is made from the amount of toxic waste created in the production of three items of technology – a smartphone, a featherweight laptop and the cell of a smart car battery.

This isn't a new project, but it's still very relevant, and shocking to see today.


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Working on another page today. Didn't learn from last time, still got messy borders that I'll have to clean up digitally. Ah well. Too lazy to cover it up beforehand to prevent 'spillage'.
Blacked out certain areas too quickly, it's not what I wanted for the 4th panel (guess i was distracted when doing it) but going to try and work with it :>.

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