Q. Hayashida is releasing a new series called 大ダーク (big dark) this spring.

宇宙 (space)
惑星 (planets)
大冒険 (big adventure)

Safe to say it's about space travel.

@rek I've never heard of her. This work is wild and good

@dualhammers one of my favorite artists. Writes really strange stories, kinda dark, but the characters and universe are very fun. Also, the style is :tealheart:

@rek this looks very cool! And premise seems interesting. Thanks for sharing :)

@hazza do you know Q. Hayashida' other works? If not, check out Dorohedoro, it'll set the tone for Big Dark :)

@rek I actually didn’t know Q Hayashinda until today. I just finished reading the first chapter of Dorohedoro. So far so good! I love fictional worlds.

@hazza the manga finished late last year. The world is rly trashy but that is totally my aesthetic :D! Grungy worlds and magic pair well.

@rek it’s super interesting. I never knew that magic and this kind aesthetic work well together! Reading the 2nd chapter now lol

@hazza hope you don't have any plans today cause you're HOOKED now :D

@rek it’s 12:51 am here lol I already sold my soul.

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