@rek This is really good!
Was looking at the page about Circa the other day, I'm not aware enough about Canadian history, but is this supposed to be some kind of commentary on colonialism and the French/British conflict or something?

@gaeel More of the French/First Nations angle actually. I was aiming to straight up reference it but I decided against it in the end, it has more fictitious elements, but the point ill be making is the same.

@rek I'm looking forwards to reading this
I have a little bit of family living in Quebec and I remember hearing them talk about some of this a while ago but dumb young me didn't really pay much attention

@rek looks good. what tools are you using to draw this?

@rek Looks great, I can't wait to read it when it's finished! :triangle:

@rek ah fuck now I want to read the rest. That's mean, an amazing teaser like this. I don't like to buy physical stuff anymore, so I hope you will release it digitally with an option to pay.

@7047741 The comic will likely be released online for free, maybe ill print it later. I dunno yet.

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