Writing tips from Ursula K. Le Guin:
- Study every aspect of your craft, including punctuation
- Vary the length of your sentences to create interest and rhythm
- Be careful of tiring repetition
- Take advice to ditch all adverbs lightly
- Use writing exercises to master point of view
- Don’t make plot your focus if it’s not crucial to your story
- Join a writing group
- Don’t buy into ‘show, don’t tell’ too absolutely

Yet another important tip:
"Yet also be careful of following all writing advice you read without considering any other possibilities. This will help you remain alert to finding the system of writing approaches that works best for you."

@rek Le Guin was really fun and insightful. For me the best ''contemporary'' female writer around by a mile and a half.

@halcek I haven't read much of her work, only "Those who walk away from Omelas" and "The Dispossessed". Enjoyed both a lot.

@rek me too! And The Left Hand of Darkness was also cool, plus the things she said publicly about society, economy and politics were mostly spot on for me, which can't be said about a great majority of artists one likes...

@halcek Oh I'll check that book out next.

Also, I will read up on her, you've got me interested :>

@rek LeGuin was an absolute treasure. I desperately need to go back and read A Wizard Of Earthsea.

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